About Staff Council

Who are we? The Staff Council is a 21-member group comprised of administrative, professional, and technical employees of the University of Alaska Anchorage and its community campuses. The Staff Council was formed after the APT and Classified Council merged in the Spring of 2015. The Council is a UAA campus component of the Board of Regents' mandated statewide governance provision.

What is our purpose? The purpose of the Staff Council is to provide a forum through which common concerns and opinions regarding University matters may be voiced. The Staff Council offers representative participation towards the solution of problems, formulation and/or revision of policies affecting these employees, their salaries and benefits, working conditions, general services, and services performed, to the extent that these matters are not covered by collective bargaining agreements. The Staff Council will act as a resource, support, and advocate for administrative, professional, and technical employees. The Staff Council serves as an advisory body to the Chancellor in matters concerning administrative, professional, and technical employees.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support staff by serving as the primary connection between staff and University leadership, providing a venue to participate in the governance process, and the dissemination of timely information.

Vision Statement

Staff Council aspires to be the premier facilitator in the creation of the finest professional environment for UAA staff.

Core Values 

Equity: Ensuring the fair treatment of unrepresented staff.

Advocacy: Giving a voice to staff in decisions that impact the (UAA) community. We value open lines of communication and collaboratively working with leadership to improve the lives of staff at UAA.

Leadership: Facilitating forums to share best and promising practices as well as development opportunities to benefit staff and meet the needs of the UAA community.

Recognition: Highlighting the work and contributions of staff, and telling the story of what we are doing to support student success, retention, and the University mission. 

Constitution, Bylaws, and Motions