Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Student smiling in a tie-dye lab coat

Our Anchorage campus sits on the ancestral homelands of Alaska's First Peoples, and our UAA campuses include some of the most diverse places in the country.


Aspiration #2: We create a culture of equity and inclusion by embracing our diversity.

  • Increase student, faculty and staff diversity.
    • By 2027, UAA's student, faculty and staff populations will reflect the diverse makeup of our home communities.
  • Address and strive to eliminate systemic racism from our policies and practices.
    • In reviewing policies, practices and procedures, UAA will solicit feedback and engage our stakeholders to ensure that our institution truly fosters an environment of equity.
  • Create a sense of belonging and community for marginalized groups.
    • Transforming lives and communities requires a sense of buy-in and ownership. By 2027, UAA will have significantly moved the needle in terms of creating spaces for and attitudes of belonging and ownership among our students, faculty and staff from historically marginalized groups.
  • Strengthen existing and develop new meaningful partnerships with Alaska Native tribes, corporations and organizations.
    • Our partnerships are our strength. By 2027, UAA will have increased the number of significant partnerships with organizations supporting Alaska's First Peoples, as well as expanded our existing partnerships.
  • Focus and align priorities within the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan with these strategies.
    • UAA's Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan was developed to contribute to and enhance the rich, diverse and inclusive environment at UAA where all are welcome and encouraged to thrive. By 2027, we will re-focus and align that plan with the strategies identified in this aspiration.