Impact Through Innovation

Two students in lab coats and masks examine data on a computer screen

UAA's reach is global — our students and graduates come from locations all across the world. To continue our reach and impact, it's critical we continue to improve, evolve and innovate. Growth is never static, and we are dedicated to both growing in and improving our community, state and world.


Aspiration #4: We positively impact communities and the world through innovation.

  • Strengthen interdisciplinary initiatives.
    • Whether it be our academic Interdisciplinary Studies programs, or formal and informal engagements across the institution, by 2027, UAA will have expanded and increased enrollment in the number of programs that cross disciplines to foster a well-rounded student experience.
  • Enhance scholarship, service and teaching related to the Arctic, aligned with UAA’s mission.
    • As the only Arctic state in the U.S., UAA routinely contributes to expanding the body of knowledge surrounding Arctic policy and issues. By 2027, we will have not only expanded those offerings, but also increased the number of Arctic-adjacent educational opportunities to be in full alignment with our mission and vision.
  • Increase external sponsorship of research, scholarship and creative activities, expanding student opportunity where possible.
    • Higher education doesn't have a monopoly on accelerating excellence and improving knowledge. By 2027, we're committed to having expanded knowledge and scholarship through external sponsorship of research and expanded student learning opportunities.