UAA 2027

UAA's Strategic Plan

The next five years are years of opportunity at UAA. Through intentional engagement of our stakeholders, UAA has developed a forward-thinking strategic vision that will guide our institution for the next five years.



Mallory Hannah Automotive Technology
Mallory Hannah Automotive Technology

What is UAA 2027?

The UAA 2027 Strategic Plan provides a framework to define, communicate, and clarify expectations for our mission, vision, values and shared goals. It builds on our strengths and focuses our attention and resources on delivering tangible value to our stakeholders and creating areas of distinction. The elements of this plan are cascaded throughout the academic and administrative units in Anchorage and our Community Campuses to align our efforts and maximize our shared contribution to success.

The Process.

The UAA 2027 Strategic Plan was developed through months of stakeholder engagement, open forums, and feedback solicitation from the boarder community.