Alumni WolfCard FAQ

Whether you graduated last May or last millennium, all alumni are eligible for a free alumni WolfCard.

Spirit holding an Alumni WOLFcard

  • How do I get my alumni WolfCard?
    • Make sure your contact information is up to date by filling out this form.
    • Complete the WolfCard application and submit it to the WolfCard office. Don’t worry if you don’t remember your UAA ID number. We can look it up for you.
      • Location: Cashier window at Eugene Short Hall (ESH), 2601 Providence Dr, Anchorage, AK 99508
      • Hours:  9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Wednesday
      • Phone: 907-786-HOWL (4695)
  • Is there is a cost to obtaining an alumni WolfCard?
    No, there is no charge for your first alumni WolfCard. There is a $20 fee for replacement cards. Please see the WolfCard application for more details.
  • What are the benefits of an alumni WolfCard?

    Current benefits for the alumni WolfCard include:

    • Consortium Library book checkout and building access, including after hours study (extended hours for faculty, staff, students and alumni).
    • Discounted tickets for Seawolf games. Show your card at the box office or visit and enter WOLF+your alumni WolfCard number (WOLF+3xxxxxxx) for a list of discounted alumni night games.  
    • Discounts at the Bookstore. Show your alumni card at the Bookstore for 20% off on Seawolf gear and more! (Does not include reference or text books, computers or related items or already discounted items.)
    • Discounts at the Varsity Grill.
    • Conference Services discounts for meeting and event spaces on campus.
    • Access to the fitness centers on campus. The alumni card also gives you access to the fitness centers on campus at a discounted rate. Click here for more information. Please call 907-786-1231 for more information.
  • Does a student WolfCard have different benefits than an alumni WolfCard?

    Yes. Students taking six or more credits have free access campus fitness centers, free student athletic tickets, discounted companion tickets for sporting events and free People Mover bus rides. Student cards can also be loaded with Wolf Bucks. To see a full list of student benefits, visit our WolfCard page.

  • Can I load WolfBucks onto my alumni WolfCard?

    No. At this time we are unable to apply Wolfbucks to alumni cards.

  • Why is a student WolfCard different from an alumni WolfCard?

    The benefits available to students are different because students pay fees for many of the benefits they receive. Soon after graduation your student benefits will expire. You can apply for an alumni card at any point after graduation. Alumni benefits are completely free, and we are always working with campus partners to bring you additional benefits.

  • Can I have both a student and an alumni WolfCard?

    No. Although you can only have one status in the card system, if you have a degree but are continuing your education, you are able to have the alumni card template on your card if you so wish. However, if you are a current student your card will function like a student card.

  • Does my alumni WolfCard expire?

    No. The alumni WolfCard does not expire.