Help Build Alaska’s Knowledge Base to Grow and Diversify Our Economy

UAA is dedicated to supporting Alaska’s existing industries by helping them adapt and thrive in a changing world. We aim to Build Alaska’s Knowledge Base to Grow and Diversify our Economy.  Leveraging our Alaskan spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship will set us on a clear course to lead the way in strengthening and diversifying Alaska’s economy. We must invest in emerging industries while also innovating in existing major industry sectors. To do so, we intend to create an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. We seek funding to:

  • Develop a new Alaska Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab that supports all colleges and ensures UAA students are learning how to use big data to solve problems and new technologies in growing fields such as cybersecurity, data science, coding and AI in healthcare. Funding is needed for equipment and space, a dedicated director, student internships, and a speaker series.
  • Create an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub to lead the growth of Alaska’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem led by the College of Business and Public Policy.

The UAA Development team hosted For Alaska: A Virtual Speaker Series with UAA and featured Faculty and Staff who discussed Reigniting Alaska’s Economy. Here is the video to that series talk.