Make a Difference

UAA faculty and staff make a difference through charitable contributions

Across the UAA campuses, employee philanthropy enhances and builds our community. Contributions from faculty and staff empower UAA to accomplish so much more and help students achieve the extraordinary. Here are just a few of the ways your colleagues make an impact:

  • For the last decade, the Student Health and Counseling Center staff’s commitment to the Emergency Food Cache fund has helped countless students through financially difficult times. This fund has made a direct impact for UAA’s students and families surviving the challenges of an economic downturn, both at home and on campus.
  • Employees across campus know how important scholarships are for student success. The UAA General Scholarship Fund provides transformative scholarship support to help students complete their degrees and establish careers during these challenging times.
  • Because of employee philanthropy to the UAA/APU Consortium Library Endowment, ongoing future funding is available to acquire library resources needed by UAA students for their studies and research.

Your gift creates a brighter future for UAA and Alaska!

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