General Scholarship Fund


Sara and Scott Pate

“Our young people are the future of Alaska. We need to keep Alaska’s future here in Alaska.”

Sara and Scott Pate are passionate about investing in Alaska. They know students at UAA represent the future and helping them earn an education is one of the best ways to ensure that the state’s future is a bright one. By helping Alaska students receive a first-class education right here at home, Sara and Scott are encouraging our best and brightest to remain a part of our community.

“We feel connected to the students here. They’re part of our community.”

An alumna of UAA, Sara Pate knows first-hand the benefits of a great education. She and Scott want to empower the next generation of Alaska students by supporting the UAA General Scholarship fund. They know their donations will go to the students who need their help the most.

“There are people out there who may be the first in their family wanting to attend college, but they may not have the means to. We want people to have the opportunity to get an education regardless of their financial situation.”