Arctic Engineering Concentration

The curriculum for the Master of Science with an emphasis in Arctic Engineering is designed to provide graduate education for engineers facing the unique challenges of design, construction, and operations in the cold regions of the world.

Special problems created by the climatic, geological, and logistical conditions of the Arctic and sub-Arctic require knowledge and techniques that are rarely presented in conventional engineering courses. A thorough knowledge of heat transfer processes and properties of frozen ground and frozen water is basic to most engineering activities in the cold regions. The subject areas of hydraulics, hydrology, materials and utility operations are also uniquely affected by Arctic considerations. 

The Arctic Engineering concentration requires completion of a set of core courses that will prepare an engineer to understand and adapt prior engineering knowledge and skills to problems of cold regions. The program also allows students to study advanced elective courses in a particular area of specialized interest. Research activities carried out by faculty of the UAA College of Engineering provide opportunities for projects dealing with current Arctic knowledge. 

The engineering courses in the Arctic Engineering Masters concentration are delivered online via the Blackboard Learning System.

The UAA Arctic Engineering graduate concentration is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.