Computer Science and Engineering Advisory Board

UAA's College of Engineering prides itself on working with engineering professionals in our community to ensure that our students are trained in industry best practices and the latest technology, and are ready to meet the needs of today's workplace.  

The mission of the CS&E Advisory Board is to increase the value and mission of the CS&E department.  We do this by creating and fostering a partnership between the CS&E Department and the students as well as the community at large by:

  • Advising and assisting the college in transmitting the mission, accomplishments, needs and aspirations of the department to the community
  • Acting as a conduit between academia and industry: providing insight as to the current trends and needs of those in the computer science & systems engineering fields, and helping to ensure the curriculum and instructional programs within the department are adequately preparing students to meet the computer science needs of the future.
  • Providing guidance in the transition of students to professionals
  • Helping to advance involvement and collaboration between the board, faculty, students, and alumni.
  • Advising and assisting with fundraising and development activities on behalf of the department  
  • Supporting the strategic plan and mission statement of the department and the college as a whole


Rob Barnett - IT Director, Olgoonik Development
Jazon Burnell - Game Developer and Co-Founder, Catapult Consulting
Larry Custer (Interim Chair) - Honeywell
Missy Fraze - Anchorage School District
Jeff Levin - Levinology Labs
Tom Riley - AKRR
Brian Walch - Director of Human Resources, Resource Data Inc.