College of Engineering Student Council

Student Organization Overview

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Jennie Brock

Our faculty and student leaders have formed the COESC with the intent of bringing together the officers of our various organizations, their faculty advisors, and administrators of the College of Engineering to better serve the needs of the student body. 

The purpose of the Engineering Student Council is to:

  1. Assist in the coordination of various engineering student organization activities.
  2. Represent the engineering student body regarding student issues.
  3. Engage with the Dean’s Office regarding student issues, concerns, and activities.
  4. Represent the College of Engineering and the student’s chosen engineering profession.

Who Can Participate:

Officers and voting members must be elected to their position as outlined in the COESC Bylaws, however, meetings are open to all engineering students, faculty, and staff. All participants, including non-voting and officer members are encouraged to attend meetings and engage in the discussions. 

Meetings Details:

Meetings are held once a month in the fall and spring semesters, excluding December and May through August. You can find the current meeting schedule along with meeting information on our calendar.