Student Opportunities & Advising

At the College of Engineering, we want all aspects of your UAA experience to be positive.  The bottom line is this: we take care of our students at UAA. We will do everything we can to get you from day one all the way to graduation.

College of Engineering Student Opportunities & Advising


We strive to make our processes for advising and registration as simple as possible, while ensuring that you take the right class at the right time. Do you have trouble understanding those difficult engineering concepts? Then you can visit the free tutors at the Tutoring Center or reserve one of our Breakout Rooms for a tech-enabled place for study groups. Do you want a well-rounded collegiate experience? Then click on the links below to learn more about employment, scholarships, and student clubs—all opportunities that we encourage you to take advantage of.  



UAA Student Services & Support


UAA also offers many other services. Some are provided for specific groups, such as Military & Veteran Student Services and International Student Services, while others are applicable to every UAA student. You can learn more by exploring the links below.


More Student Services