Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Program

    Prepare for a career promoting a safe, healthy, and just society. The Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice at UAA provides a clear pathway to graduate study, law school, criminal justice jobs, and lifelong engaged citizenship.

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Leading statewide efforts in criminal justice and criminology education, research, and service, the UAA Justice Center is a top choice among criminal justice schools in Alaska and the U.S. In our Criminology and Criminal Justice program, explore some of society’s most important issues, including incarceration, juvenile justice, victimology, and policing while building a strong foundation in criminology/criminal justice theory, research, and policy-making. You’ll also develop the skills you need to evaluate and improve policies and systems, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections. A minor in Justice is also offered.

You’ll be ready to pursue a variety of careers providing direct services, service support, or organizational leadership to public, private, and government organizations. Potential careers include:

  • law enforcement officer
  • adult or juvenile probation/parole officer
  • crime intelligence/research analyst
  • crime victim advocate or victim/witness coordinator
  • special agent/investigator (federal agencies)
  • case manager
  • dispatcher
  • crime/court records custodian
  • court services officer
  • community outreach coordinator
  • crime/Justice policy analyst
  • graduate research/teaching assistant

Why choose Criminology and Criminal Justice at UAA? 


Engage in real-world research as an undergraduate student. In the UAA Justice Center, you can study diverse topics in crime, law, and justice, particularly related to urban and rural Alaska.


On top of UAA’s Anchorage and community campuses, you also can take online courses on a flexible schedule without commuting to campus. The same faculty who teach in person also teach online!

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Justice faculty have earned their doctoral degrees from top-ranked universities across the country. They are recognized as experts in their specialized areas of teaching and research.


Get involved with groups and activities that match your professional and personal interests, such as the Society of Law & Justice or Alpha Phi Sigma.

Criminal Investigation students observe surveillance footage as part of a mock crime scene investigation

Program Information

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Catalog: BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Catalog: Minor in Justice

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Message from the Program Coordinator

If you are interested in why people commit crime, why some behaviors are criminalized and others are not, how society responds to crime, how to reduce crime, or how to help victims, you will love the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice program. We offer online and face-to-face courses on a wide variety of topics, such as juvenile justice, policing, courts, jails and prisons, offender re-entry, criminological theory, victimization, criminal investigation, forensic science, crime prevention, ethics in the criminal justice system, criminal law, and criminal justice research.


Our faculty are engaged in research and community service on issues that directly affect Alaskans, such as intimate partner violence, sexual assault, homelessness, correctional populations, policing and behavioral health, and police use of deadly force. These experiences are brought into the classroom so that students are connected to what is really happening with criminal justice in Alaska.


Graduates of our program serve all over the state to keep Alaskans safe. Some work in police agencies, like the Anchorage Police Department or Alaska State Troopers, or in corrections at the Department of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Justice, or Division of Probation and Parole. There are vibrant nonprofit and commercial sectors that work in areas directly and indirectly related to criminal justice, and our graduates are successful finding meaningful careers there. Many of our graduates continue their studies, earning masters or doctoral degrees, or going to law school and becoming attorneys.


Contact us today to talk about how you can be part of leading Alaska toward a safer, healthier, and more just society.


— Sharon Chamard, Ph.D


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