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We are a teaching and research unit offering academic programs in Justice and Legal Studies. Our faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research in justice issues including the courts, corrections, policing, recidivism, violence against women, and substance abuse.

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Alaska Victimization Survey (AVS)

Alaska Victimization Survey results show that more than 1 in 9 Alaska women 60+ experienced psychological or physical abuse in past year

Elder abuse estimates from the Alaska Victimization Survey show that more than 1 in 9 Alaska women aged 60 or older experienced psychological or physical abuse in past year. The results of the survey  are presented in the video below by Dr. André Rosay, Justice Center director, and L. Diane Casto, executive director of the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (CDVSA), which funds the survey.

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The Alaska rate for psychological or physical abuse is 1.7 times as high as the national rate. The Alaska rate for physical abuse is 2.4 times the national rate and the Alaska rate for psychological abuse is 1.6 times the national rate. Overall, more than 7,000 women in Alaska aged 60 or older experienced psychological or physical abuse in the past year.

Casto calls the number of women experiencing abuse unacceptable. The CDVSA will use data from Justice Center research to inform future work on elder abuse. Women who are experiencing abuse are urged to contact CDVSA, (907) 465-4356, for resources and information.

A detailed article on Dr. Rosay’s findings will be in the summer 2017 edition of the Alaska Justice Forum.

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The UAA Justice Center, established by the Alaska legislature in 1975, has a mandate to provide statewide justice‐related education, research, and service. The Justice Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law, and justice; and provides service to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy, and just society.

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