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    We are a teaching and research unit offering academic programs in justice and legal studies. Our faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research in justice issues, including the courts, corrections, policing, recidivism, violence against women, and substance abuse.

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  • Flyer for information session on Willamette University Direct Admission Pathway to Willamette Law on Sept. 15, 2021.Are you interested in attending law school?


    Join Willamette University to learn more about the exclusive Direct Admission Pathway to Willamette Law! The information session will be on Sept. 15 at noon. You can attend in person at the UAA Professional Studies Building (PSB) in room 216, where pizza will be served. You also can attend remotely via Zoom.

    For more information, you can contact UAA Legal Studies Program Director Dr. Ryan Fortson at hrfortson@alaska.edu or 907-786-4886. See ya there!

  • The CourtsWhat role does the criminal court system play in social change?

    Course: JUST/LEGL A374

    Title: The Courts

    America is in the middle of a social reckoning. Although the judge is routinely viewed as the apex of the court system, in reality, it is the prosecutor who largely controls the American court system. In Criminal Courts, students explore what power the prosecutor holds within the Criminal Justice System and examines whether plea bargains are a necessary component of the Criminal Justice System. Questions? Contact Robert Henderson at rehenderson@alaska.edu or 907-786-1835.

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  • Sentencing, Crime & PunishmentHow do criminal prosecutions go wrong?

    Course: JUST A490

    Title: Sentencing, Crime & Punishment

    CRN: 76487

    How did decades of sentencing reform contribute to mass incarceration? Students will explore and discuss the impact of inequalities based on race, gender, and class on the operation of contemporary courts. Topics examined include problems in sentencing, plea bargaining, and prosecutorial discretion. Questions? Contact Dr. Ronald Everett at rseverett@alaska.edu or 907-786-1820.

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  • Jurisprudence & Legal TheoryHow are law and justice related?

    Course: LEGL A449

    Title: Jurisprudence & Legal Theory

    CRN: 71617

    What is law? How should judges decide cases? What are rights? How are law and justice related? Explore these questions and more in a hybrid course with an interactive seminar format for its once a week in-person meeting. The class is an Integrative Capstone. Questions? Contact Dr. Ryan Fortson at hrfortson@alaska.edu or 907-786-4886.

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  • Criminal InvestigationExplore Criminal Investigation this Fall semester!

    Course: JUST A255

    Title: Criminal Investigation

    CRN: 76474

    Introduces fundamentals of investigation. Topics include policing and investigation, rules of evidence, crime scenes, physical evidence, following leads, interviewing and interrogation, report writing, and case presentation. This course will use actual homicide cases in Alaska, where students will be able to take theory and bring it into reality.

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  • Introduction to LawLooking into a career in law?

    Course: LEGL A101

    Title: Introduction to Law

    CRN (online): 76486

    CRN (face-to-face): 76481

    LEGL A101 is an introductory course on law in America, including constitutional issues, contracts, torts, criminal law, and the structure of the legal system. This course is offered online and you can earn GER credits! Questions? Contact Jason Brandeis at jbrandeis@alaska.edu or 907-786-1812.

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  • Cover of Alaska Police Officer Use of Deadly Force by AJiCAJiC recommends standardized database for tracking officer use of deadly force

    April 22, 2021

    The Alaska Justice Information Center (AJiC) at the University of Alaska Anchorage has released Alaska Police Officer Use of Deadly Force: 2010-2020, a new report that compiles 11 years of casefiles from the Alaska Department of Law Office of Special Prosecutions (OSP) involving police officer use of deadly force from 2010 to October 2020, covering a total of 92 incidents, 100 citizens, and 295 officers. This is the first time Alaska-specific data have been compiled and examined across a multi-year timespan—representing a valuable new resource for data-informed decision making. You can read the full review here.

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What's Next?

We've asked recent Justice Center graduates what their plans were after graduation. Here's what they had to say:

  • Portrait of Gloria Miller

    "After graduation, I plan to continue working as a paralegal. I have also applied for law school and hope to attend in the fall of 2021!"

    — Gloria Miller
    BA Legal Studies, Justice Minor, Fall 2020

  • Portrait of Shawna Lee

    "They say doors open with a degree. My immediate plans are to see what's out there, hopefully in the justice field. Long-term goals depend on those immediate plans and I am hoping that whatever it is, I am happy and made a difference."

    — Shawna Lee
    BA Justice, Fall 2020

  • Portrait of Alexander Choi

    "Joining the Anchorage Police Department."

    — Alexander Choi
    BA Justice, Fall 2020