Ruby FriedPh.D.

Ruby Fried
Assistant Professor, Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies Research Faculty
Div. of Population Health Sciences
PSB STE 206, Room 206E


Dr. Fried is an assistant professor of Health Science within the Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies. Her work focuses on identifying the social, nutritional, cultural and economic underpinnings of health outcomes in terms of both risk and resilience. Dr. Fried's research includes examining the intergenerational impacts of traditional or subsistence foods among Alaska Native mothers and children, traditional food security, and other mixed methods projects related to food environments and health disparities with a commitment to active and meaningful community-driven research. Dr. Fried grew up in Alaska, and prior to coming to UAA she earned her PhD at Northwestern University and has worked on health-related projects in the Chicago area, the Philippines and in Ecuador. Dr. Fried spends her free time skiing, hiking, berry picking and otherwise enjoying all that Alaska has to offer.

Professional & Department Service

  • The Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies