Kristin StoeplerMSEd, CHES

Kristin Stoepler
BSHS Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor
Div. of Population Health Sciences
PSB STE 206 Room 206H


Assistant Professor Stoepler has 15 years of experience in community health education, program and supervisory management, and academic and career counseling. She currently serves in the division as an assistant professor of Health Sciences and the practicum coordinator. In addition, she serves as the coordinator for the undergraduate program. Asst. Professor Stoepler greatly appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the health workforce needs of Alaska by supporting students' experiential learning experiences through field placements and teaching a variety of health science courses. For the last several years, Asst. Professor Stoepler has focused her efforts on improving access to reproductive health care and high-quality inclusive sexual health education. More recently, she has been serving on COVID-19 response efforts in partnership with the State of Alaska Division of Public Health and ACRHHW. Outside of work, Kristin enjoys getting out in nature with her partner and two Australian Shepherds, Loki and Thor.

Office hours: Online calendar for appointments

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Undergraduate

Professional & Department Service

  • BSHS Program Coordinator
  • Division Practicum Coordinator