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Spring 2020 Courses

COMM 350: Communication in the Workplace

Explores communication processes in working relationships. Examines and analyzes the role of communication in structural issues such as workplace culture, climate and group collaboration; and interpersonal issues, including communication styles, conflict, gossip, workplace risks and informal communication.


COMM 360: Competitive Debating

Explores the theory and practice of competitive academic debating. Considers competitive debating from the perspective of debater, adjudicator and competition organizer.


COMM 390: Selected Topics: Destruction and Dysfunction in Communication

An exploration and examination of the dark side of communication - a metaphor used to describe areas of interpersonal and relational communication that are (1) underexplored; (2) destructive or dysfunctional; and/or (3) poorly understood and misinterpreted. The dark side perspective acknowledges that while relationships are often a source of joy and satisfaction, they can also elicit feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and pain. In this course, students will learn some of the communicative challenges people face in starting, maintaining, and terminating close relationships. Additionally, students will learn about the ways in which communication can influence (and possibly transform) turmoil in close relationships.


COMM 390: Selected Topics: Communication and Social Media

Explores the relationship between society and social media using a critical approach. Examines the evolution of social media technologies, misconceptions surrounding these technologies, and how these technologies are used to impact various aspects of our lives, including our social relationships, identity, and privacy. Provides students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively produce, consume, and assess multiple aspects of social media.