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Spring 2024

COMM A255 Organizational Communication

Monday/Wednesday 1:00pm-2:15pm SSB 211
CRN: 35873
Tzu-Chiao Chen

Explores the essential nature and experience of communication in organizations. Analyzes and synthesizes approaches, theories and research conceptions of organizations including metaphors for organizational communication, culture and climate within organizations, socialization/assimilation/membership negotiation, power, motivation/performance, and organizational innovation and change.

COMM A300 Health Communication

Online, Asynchronous
CRN: 35883
Joy Mapaye

Explores, examines and analyzes communication dynamics that exist between participants across a wide range of health contexts, including care providers, patients/clients, peers, friends and family members. Explores, examines and analyzes how health-related messages may be constructed and conveyed in social, cultural and organizational contexts. Explores health-related discourse in the public sphere, looking at the communicative dimensions of health-related campaigns and public policy.

COMM A330 Collaboration and Group Decision Making

Online, Asynchronous
CRN: 31489
Mark Bruner

Explores, analyzes and applies group decision making theories and processes. Focuses on understanding the role communication plays in affecting and enhancing a group's ability to engage in effective decision making strategies. Examines both descriptive and prescriptive approaches to group decision making and includes practical application of group decision making theories.

COMM A345 Communication and Gender

Online, Asynchronous
CRN: 31490
Michelle Scaman

Provides a historical, theoretical, and contemporary view of how communication, culture, and gender interact and create meaning in interpersonal, professional and political settings.

COMM A385 Communication Research Methods

Online, Tuesday 1:00pm-3:45pm
CRN: 35884
Amber Worthington

Examines the research methods used in the communication discipline. Includes a review of research ethics as well as analysis, evaluation, and application of research methods.

COMM A450 Communication and Leadership

Online, Asynchronous
CRN: 35885
Barbara Harville

Examines the study of leadership with an emphasis on the communication dimensions of the theories, processes and practices of leadership. Analyzes and evaluates leadership strategies and tactics, as well as the interaction of communication and leadership.


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