GER Courses

Choosing your Oral Communication General Education Requirement Class

Oral communication skills courses increase the abilities of students to interact appropriately and effectively in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, small group, and public speaking settings.

  • Students develop both their message creation and message interpretation skills in order to be more successful communicators.
  • Students develop an awareness of the role of communication in a variety of human relationship- personal and professional.
  • Students develop and implement effective and appropriate communication skills, including the ability to develop, organize, present, and critically evaluate messages.
  • Students analyze audiences and adapt to a variety of in-person communication settings.

Important Note

The numbering of the four courses that meet the Oral Communication General Education Requirement carries NO IMPLICATION about the difficulty of the course or a need to take a 100-level course prior to taking a 200-level course. This is a difference from both the math and
English Tier 1 GER classes.

ANY of the following FOUR COURSES may be used to fulfill the oral communication general
education requirements

  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication (COMM A111)
  • Small Group Communication (COMM A235)
  • Interpersonal Communication (COMM A 237)
  • Public Speaking (COMM A241)

Visit the course catalog for course descriptions.

The following Prerequisites apply to all the Oral Communication GER Courses:

  • ENGL A109 with a minimum grade of "C" OR
  • PRPE A108 with a minimum grade of "C" OR 
  • Accuplacer-Reading Comp with a score of 080 and Accuplacer-Sentence Skills with a score of 090 OR
  • SAT Critical Reading Score with a score of 530 OR
  • SAT Verbal Score with a score of 22 OR 
  • Enhanced ACT English with a score of 22 OR
  • ACT English with a score of 22.