Communication Minor

A minor in Communication will help you:

  • Develop skills employers are looking for when hiring and promoting employees
  • Understand your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers
  • Present yourself and your ideas more convincingly
  • Work more effectively in groups/teams

You only need 18 credits to complete a minor in Communication. A mere six classes (FOUR of which ALSO count towards the needed 42 upper-division credits needed to graduate) will provide you with knowledge and abilities that employers have consistently ranked more important for success REGARDLESS of the profession (public or private) and provide valuable insights into all of your relationships. 

The Minor in Communication

Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in Communication must complete the following requirements.

Select 6 credits from the following:

  • COMM A111 Fundamentals of Oral Communication*
  • COMM A120 Introduction to Human Communication
  • COMM A235 Small Group Communication*
  • COMM A237 Interpersonal Communication*
  • COMM A241 Public Speaking*

Select 9 credits from the following: 

  • COMM A236 Interviewing
  • COMM A305 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM A320 Argumentation and Debate
  • COMM A340 Nonverbal Communication
  • COMM A341 Advanced Public Speaking
  • COMM A345 Women and Communication
  • COMM A346 Oral Interpretation of Literature
  • COMM A360 Competitive Debating
  • COMM A370 Relational Communication
  • COMM A380 Theories of Human Communication
  • COMM A390 Selected Topics in Communication**
  • COMM A410 Communication in Education
  • COMM A412 Persuasion
  • COMM A420 Family Communication

Select an additional 3 credits from either list.

Total Credits: 18

*Fulfills Oral Communication Skills General Education Requirement
**May be counted twice with a change in title.

Minor Declaration Form