Academic Quality Improvement Plan

The Academic Quality Improvement Plan for the Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management (AASCM) and the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (BSCM) program is comprised of three areas of review and feedback:

  1. Review of data from both the AASCM and BSCM Educational Effectiveness Assessment Plans.  Assessment data is collected and reviewed annually by CM faculty with input from the Construction Management Advisory Committee (CMAC).  Recommendations for program or assessment process changes may be made annually based on review results.
  2. Program review by the CMAC is requested annually by the CM program.  Individual CMAC members may be assigned certain elements of the program or specific curriculum to review.  Written comments are submitted to the Director / Chair of the CM program.  CM faculty review CMAC comments and recommend appropriate actions.  Actions taken by the CM program are reported back to the CMAC.
  3. Student / Alumni surveys:
    • Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) surveys are used as an external source for student feedback.  This is an externally managed student survey that provides an anonymous source of student feedback.
    • The CM program has developed a new student survey that is meant to be given to students at the end of each course.  The survey is available to students through Blackboard and student identification is optional.  Constructive student comments are usually shared among CM faculty and considered for course content and delivery improvements.  However, sharing of student feedback is currently at the discretion of the Professor.
    • Alumni of the program are sent exit surveys shortly after graduation.  Returned surveys are reviewed by CM faculty to identify possible program improvements.