Faculty & Staff Forms

This is a compendium of forms that you may need in working with Graduate Students. If there is an area that you are not sure is covered by this listing, please contact the Graduate School.

  • Annual Report of Graduate Student Progress

    Annual Report of Graduate Student Progress 

    Required annually for all students awarded Research, Teaching, Services Assistantships or Fellowships; Interdisciplinary Degree students, or for those programs wishing to document student progress/jeopardy as part of the academic process.

    • New deadlines: 
      Students who started their degree in summer or fall: May 15th every year 
      Students who started their degree in spring: December 15th every year.

    Note: For graduate students in professional programs and/or those programs not hiring assistants or fellows,  advisors should insert a predefined note in a student's DegreeWorks file on an annual basis if the student has meeting satisfactory academic progress. If not, please use the Annual Report form to document the student's next steps. 

  • Report of Outside Examiner

    Report of Outside Examiner

    Reports are individualized by the Graduate School. The report form is emailed to the Outside Examiner prior to the defense. It is submitted by the Outside Examiner to the Graduate School after the defense or exam within one week after the defense.

  • Student Employee Waiver Form

    Student Employee Waiver Form

    Required when requesting a waiver of the UAA student employment guidelines in allowing a graduate student or graduate assistant or fellow to work more than 20 hours per week. International students on F-1 or J-1 visas are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week and therefore are not eligible for this waiver. Waiver form is not necessary during summer employment. This form does not cover outside employment for graduate assistants.

  • Thesis/Dissertation Deadline Extension Request

    Thesis/Dissertation Deadline Extension Request

    The thesis advisor must request and extension to the thesis/dissertation submission deadline. Complete and forward to the Graduate School Dean through your program director/chair and college dean. STUDENTS DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM. The request must outline the circumstances that precipitated this unusual request. By approving the request for an extension of time to complete the thesis/dissertation, your department director and dean acknowledge the request and agree to review the thesis/dissertation in a timely manner to allow the extension deadline to be met. NO EXTENSIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE FALL SEMESTER. No extensions will be granted for any reason after April 15 for spring semester, and July 21 for summer semester. The Graduate School will also need adequate time to review the thesis and allow the student enough time to make any corrections. The deadline imposed by the Office of the Registrar for clearance to graduate is fixed and unable to be amended. Extensions are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Not all extensions may be approved. 

  • Graduate Assistant/Fellow Contract Letter Templates
  • Faculty Initiated Drop/Add Form