Interdisciplinary Studies-Graduate


Interdisciplinary Studies Master's Degrees

Students who are interested in studies that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries are offered a unique degree that offers flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. Today's students are faced with an increasing demand for interdisciplinary approaches to research, education, and workforce skills and may be interested in the Interdisciplinary studies master's programs in either Science or Arts. The degree is housed in the UAA Graduate School and combines coursework in two or more disciplines/programs and may involve one or more academic college. 

Program Objectives

The Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) Master's degree makes it possible for graduate students interested in combining disciplines to create a program to suite their needs when no existing graduate program does. The program of study for each student will be designed by the student and faculty mentors.

This degree supports learner-centered, discovery-driven, and the globally engaged mission of UAA by meeting individual student needs, promoting academic collaboration across the university, and producing scholars with a wide approach to solving problems.