Global & Multicultural Studies

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Track Description

The Global and Multicultural Studies track prepares students for a career in public and professional service and community development, as well as fosters a lifelong commitment to be an engaged and responsible citizen mindful of the local, national, and global impact of the personal decisions they make. 

Students graduate with Honors in Global and Multicultural Studies will reflect and act upon global interdependencies between self, others, and community.


Global and Multicultural Studies Faculty


Natasa Masanovic-Courtney, Ph.D.

Please email for appointments at

Jeff Meyers, Ph.D.

Zoom Meeting Link; Available every Wednesday from 10am - 12:30pm

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Global and Multicultural Studies Track requirements:

Graduating with Honors is available to both Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students, though each has a separate set of requirements. Go to the Global and Multicultural Track Requirements page to see what is required to graduate with honors.

Global & Multicultural Studies Requirements


Portfolio Requirements: Share your Honors story

Every Honors College student will create an ePortfolio showcasing their Honors experiences and academic accomplishments. To learn more about these ePortfolios, and what they should encompass, select the link below.

Honors ePortfolios

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