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Track Description

Students who complete the Leadership track will develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition required to function as a leader in any field. Participants in the Leadership Track will undertake a diverse course of studies and experiences designated within the track.

Students graduating with Honors in Leadership will demonstrate the ability to develop and execute a vision that involves others to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.


Leadership Faculty


Steve Johnson

Schedule an Appointment: 2pm -3:30pm every Tuesday; 10am -3:30pm every Wednesday and Thursday (30 minute appointments) 

Kimberly Pace, Ph. D.

Zoom Link: 8am - 9am every Tuesday (30 minute appointments)

Julie Ann Wrigley, Ph.D.

Schedule an appointment: 11am - 2pm every Wednesday (30 minute appointments)

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Leadership Track requirements

Graduating with Honors is available to both Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students, though each has a separate set of requirements. Go to the Leadership Track Requirements page to se what is required to graduate with honors.

Leadership Requirements


Portfolio Requirements: Share your Honors story

Every Honors College student will create an ePortfolio showcasing their Honors experiences and academic accomplishments. To learn more about these ePortfolios, and what they should encompass, select the link below.

Honors ePortfolios


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