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Rhodes Scholarship

Get a graduate degree at Oxford University!


Online application availability

July: check for details

Campus deadline

Early September; candidates may not apply directly

National deadline

Early October


Applicant education level

Undergraduates or those who have completed a bachelor’s degree

Open to applicants who have

completed an undergraduate degree?


Open to applicants not currently

enrolled in college/university classes?


Open to (non-U.S.) international students?

Some; specific countries follow their own selection processes

Age limit

23 at time of application

Are applicants limited to specific fields of study?


Are students required to demonstrate financial need?


Minimum G.P.A.

None, but academic excellence is a must

Average G.P.A. of recipients



UAA Institutional Endorsement

An institutional endorsement is required to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship Campus Interview Committee will evaluate the overall merits of the candidate and the application material submitted and will make a decision of endorsement or non-endorsement at the end of the campus interview

See more details below under Application Procedure

Advising Appointment

Schedule an advising appointment with Rhodes Scholarship University Representative, Dr. Francisco Miranda, at or at 907.786.4035 to discuss intent to apply


The Rhodes Scholarships are the oldest and most celebrated international fellowship awards in the world

Rhodes Scholars are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements, but for their character, commitment to others (and to the common good), and for their potential leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead to

The Rhodes Scholarship emphasizes exceptional academic work


The Rhodes Scholarships cover all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford and may allow funding for four years in some instances


  • Coverage for all college and university fees
  • Stipend for living expenses
  • Stipend for transportation to and from England

Can the award be deferred?


Can the award be renewed?


Specific notes and/or exceptions

For more information, please visit


Selection of Rhodes Scholars is made on the basis of:

  • Proven intellectual and scholastic achievement of a high standard
  • Integrity of character
  • Potential to play an influential part in the betterment of society
  • The ability to use one’s talents to one’s full potential
  • Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, altruism, and fellowship
  • Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and interest in one’s fellow beings/peers

For more details on selection criteria, please visit


Applicants should be familiar with the UK’s educational system and, in particular, with Oxford University’s programs of study, and rules and regulations

  • Find a faculty member willing to serve as your mentor throughout the application process
  • Notify Rhodes Scholarship University Representative, Dr. Francisco Miranda, of intent to apply at or at 907.786.4035 the semester before you plan to apply for the award
  • Schedule an advising appointment with Rhodes Scholarship University Representative to discuss details of internal and external application processes and timelines
  • Research the UK’s educational system and Oxford University in particular and establish appropriate program of study based on your academic and professional plans
  • Make contact with faculty at Oxford University and find out if they would be willing to become your mentors and support your graduate studies plan
  • Register at and start completing the application
  • Rhodes Scholarship requires 5-8 letters of recommendation, at least four (4) of which should be from instructors who can speak to your intellectual and scholastic achievements
  • Select four (4) instructors from whom you have taken upper-division courses in your discipline to write letters of recommendation on your behalf
    1. Instructors should be familiar with your academic experience and be able to comment in great detail on your proven intellectual and academic achievement, your integrity of character, your interest and respect for fellow human beings, your ability to lead, and your desire to use your talents to the full, as well as your post-Rhodes plans
    2. At least one letter (the fifth) must speak to your character
  • Suggestions for recommenders are available at
  • Start developing your Personal Statement following the application guidelines
    1. Personal Statement should describe your interests and aspirations plus your reasons for your chosen areas of study at Oxford; it will be used by Oxford to determine your suitability for admission into its programs, should you be a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship
    2. Personal Statement must be wholly truthful,  exclusively your own work, and accompanied by a signed attestation
  • Submit a copy of your complete application in PDF to Dr. Francisco Miranda at, including all letters of recommendation and academic transcript, by the CAMPUS DEADLINE
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Prepare for individual CAMPUS INTERVIEW, which will take place within 1-2 weeks after the campus deadline
  • Institutional Endorsement: the Rhodes Scholarship Campus Interview Committee will evaluate the overall merits of the candidate and the application material submitted and will make a decision of endorsement or non-endorsement at the end of the campus interview
  • The decision of the Rhodes Scholarship Campus Interview Committee is definitive
  • If the candidate is endorsed, then an institutional endorsement will be formally submitted by the Rhodes Scholarship University Representative to the Rhodes Trust as part of the application
  • The Rhodes Scholarship District Committee of Selection will conduct a preliminary elimination on the basis of credentials and invite selected applicants to a personal interview in Seattle the weekend before Thanksgiving usually
  • If an invitation for an interview in Seattle is not forthcoming, that is the end of the road for your application
  • Selected scholars will be notified in November

For more information on the Rhodes Scholarship, visit


Number of applications received per year nationwide


Number of awards made per year


Interview required?

Campus interview: Yes

National interview: Yes

Regional interview costs paid?


Institutional Endorsement?

Required; Submitted by University Representative

When are finalists notified?

Early November


Rhodes Scholarship University Representative

Dr. Francisco Miranda





Email address


To learn more about applying, visit or

Schedule an advising appointment at ot at 907.786.4035