Schwarzman Scholars Program

The First Scholarship Created to Respond to the Geopolitical Landscape of the 21st Century


Online application availability

Mid-April; Check for details

Campus deadline

Late August-early September; candidates may submit directly

National deadline

Late September-early October


Applicant education level

Undergraduate degree prior to enrollment in program

Open to applicants who have

completed an undergraduate degree?


Open to applicants not currently

enrolled in college/university classes?


Open to (non-U.S.) international students?


Age limit

Yes; at least 18 but not yet 29 as of time of application

Are applicants limited to specific fields of study?


Are students required to demonstrate financial need?


Minimum G.P.A.

None; but academic excellence is a must


UAA Institutional Endorsement

Not required but highly recommended

The Schwarzman Scholarship Campus Interview Committee will evaluate the overall merits of the candidate and the application material submitted and will make a decision of endorsement or non-endorsement at the end of the campus interview

See more details below under Application Procedure

Advising Appointment

Schedule an advising appointment with the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Representative, Dr. Francisco Miranda, at or at 907.786.4035 to discuss intent to apply


English language proficiency test scores must be submitted with application if applicant’s native language is not English

This requirement is waived for applicants who studied at an undergraduate institution where English was the primary language of instruction for at least two years of the applicant’s academic program

The requirement will also be waived for applicants who have studied in English for two or more years at a Master’s degree level or higher


The Schwarzman Scholars Program is designed to help future leaders meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond by preparing them to better understand China’s culture, economy, governance, and evolving role in the world

A global perspective for a changing world

Scholars selected from around the world for this highly selective, fully-funded program will have an unrivaled opportunity to live in Beijing for a year of study and cultural immersion, attending lectures, traveling, and developing first-hand exposure to China, its people and a global group of promising leaders

Learning beyond the classroom

Scholars will learn about the emergence of China as an economic and political force in the world through substantive, thematic study tours around the country

Invaluable mentorship opportunities and experiencing the real China

The leadership and professional capacities of the Scholars will be further deepened by a mentoring program linking them to business, political, and civil society leaders in the country, and through internships with global and national institutions and corporations based in Beijing

Multi-dimensional Leadership training

Leadership development is woven throughout the Schwarzman Scholars program both in its academics and in the student experience in an environment that emphasizes interaction and collaboration so as to learn to cultivate broader perspectives and understand and appreciate different backgrounds, views and strategies for confronting challenges

Events on campus and beyond

Academic life will also be enriched by a range of extracurricular opportunities, from interactions with high-level visiting speakers at Schwarzman College to casual social activities at the student pub and extraordinary evenings with performing artists


Comprehensive scholarship covering all costs of the program, which includes tuition fees, room and board, travel to and from Beijing at the beginning and end of the academic year, an in-country study tour, required course books and supplies, Lenovo laptop and smartphone, health insurance, and, last but not least, a personal stipend of $3,500


Comprehensive scholarship covering all costs of the program

Can the award be deferred?


Can the award be renewed?


Specific notes and/or exceptions

  • Within Schwarzman College, all classes will be taught in English and scholars will receive Mandarin instruction
  • Scholars will share a core curriculum that will serve as an anchor for the rest of their studies and help them build connections among them as a cohort
  • Scholars will work with faculty, advisors, and tutors to design a set of concentration courses customized to reflect each scholar’s academic and professional interests


Scholars will study for a one-year Masters degree, with options to focus on public policy, international relations, or economics and business at Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious institutions of higher education


Key characteristics sought by Review Committee in a Schwarzman Scholar:

  • Extraordinary leadership potential, the ability to anticipate paradigm changes, strong intellectual capacity, and exemplary character
  • The capacity to conceptualize, articulate, and implement new approaches to existing conditions with determination, energy, and adaptability to drive change despite obstacles
  • The proficiency to inspire others to make change happen
  • Intellectual achievement demonstrated through outstanding academic endeavors
  • Exemplary character manifested through personal values and integrity that inspire trust among others


The Schwarzman Scholars selection process is designed to identify the most promising young leaders from around the world; for specific details, visit

  • Find a faculty member willing to serve as your mentor throughout the application process
  • Notify the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Representative, Dr. Francisco Miranda at or at 907.786.4035, of your intent to apply the semester before you plan to apply for the award
  • Schedule an advising appointment with the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Representative to discuss internal and external application processes and timelines
  • Register at and start completing the application
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation are required, two (2) of which should focus on your intellectual abilities and one (1) on your leadership skills
    • Select three (3) instructors with whom you have taken upper-division courses and who can comment on your intellectual abilities, and on the specific examples of leadership described in your application as well as from direct knowledge of you
  • Leadership potential will be evaluated along the following lines: ability to understand challenges and opportunities, envision solutions, take initiative to act, inspire others to join an effort and push through resistance and/or challenges in reaching results
  • A short video (no more than one minute in total length) to introduce yourself
  • Start preparing your essay, which is composed of four (4) distinct sections: a personal statement, a leadership essay, a current affairs essay, and a short answer; see specific details and instructions at
  • Submit a copy of your complete application in PDF to Dr. Francisco Miranda at, including all letters of recommendation and academic transcript, by the CAMPUS DEADLINE
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Prepare for individual CAMPUS INTERVIEW, which will take place within 1-2 weeks after the campus deadline
  • Institutional Endorsement: the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Interview Committee will evaluate the overall merits of the candidate and the application material submitted and will make a decision of endorsement or non-endorsement at the end of the campus interview
  • The decision of the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Interview Committee is definitive
  • If the candidate is endorsed, then an institutional endorsement will be formally submitted by the Schwarzman Scholars Campus Representative to the Schwarzman Scholars Program as part of the application
  • The Schwarzman Scholars Review Committee will conduct a preliminary elimination on the basis of credentials and invite selected applicants to a personal interview in New York in late October-early November
  • If an invitation for an interview is not forthcoming, that is the end of the road for your application
  • Selected scholars will be notified in November


Number of applications received


Number of applications rewarded


Is an interview required?

Campus interview: Yes

National interview: Yes, for semifinalists; all costs will be paid

When are qualifying candidates notified?


When are winning candidates notified?



Schwarzman Scholars Campus Representative

Dr. Francisco Miranda





Email address


Webinars for candidates are available at

Schedule an advising appointment at or at 907.786.4035