Honors Computer Lab

The Honors computer lab and classroom is for the exclusive use of the University Honors students.  It is located on the third floor of Rasmuson Hall (RH) in room 313.

The lab provides opportunities for interaction and access to computer technology; it is your place to study, research, and meet for class.  The lab is available during regular building hours on both weekdays and weekends except when class is in session.  A schedule of class times is posted on the door every semester.

The lock on the door is pass-coded.  Current University Honors College students can obtain the code by stopping by the University Honors College office (RH 115) and signing a Honors Lab & Commons Usage Agreement 



Soon Kwon"I can leave my iPod sitting in the Honors Lab and be confident that it will be there when I get back. There are not a lot of places you can do that these days.”

- Soon Kwon, University Honors College Student