Specialized Program Accreditation

Programs with Specialized Accreditation

More than 60 of UAA's academic programs have been recognized for the high quality of their programs through approval and/or accreditation from agencies external to UAA. Specialized program accreditation evaluates programs based on discipline or profession based standards. Students who complete an accredited curriculum enjoy additional confidence that experts in that field have evaluated the program and testified to its quality. Program accreditation may also enable students to more easily obtain professional certifications or registration. 

UAA Specialized Program Accreditation Guidance

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for oversight of specialized program accreditation, tracking the status of accredited programs, and maintaining a repository of specialized program accreditation communication and documentation. All communication with accrediting bodies should be routed through the college and OAA before being submitted to external organizations. Programs should work with their college and OAA to develop timelines to meet required deadlines for reports and site visits.

OAA also serves as a resource for institutional-level information and documentation. Please contact the Vice Provost's office early in the process.