Initial Background Check Clearance for Field Placements

The UAA School of Education requires compliance with background clearance policies and procedures for students participating in university-sponsored clinical fieldwork. In addition to self-disclosing criminal history to the School of Education and its partners, students must clear an initial background check conducted via the Alaska Department of Health Background Check (ADHBC). This background check requires fingerprinting and fees, is valid for five years, and approves students for placement in practicum hours required of EDEC 107, 210, 241, 206, 295, 303, 321, or 407.

This process scans Alaska and national sex offender registries, conducts a fingerprint-based check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and completes a name-based check through the Alaska Public Safety Information Network. Note that special placement requests, such as on a military base or outside the state of Alaska, may require additional requirements. You will be notified if this is the case. Failure to comply with the School of Education background check requirements will result in denial of access to field placement settings, removal from the course, and/or removal from the educational program.

Background Check Process

  1. Complete and sign the UAA SOE Background Check Authorization Packet. Note: this document authorizes the Alaska Department of Health NABCS to conduct your background check.
  2. Submit the UAA SOE Background Check Application.
  3. Obtain fingerprints from an approved fingerprinter.
    1. If you are located in the Anchorage area, UAA UPD will take your fingerprints for you at no charge. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call 907-786-1120 and schedule an appointment. The best days to schedule are Wednesday through Sunday. When preparing for your appointment, bring your driver's license and UAA WolfCard. UAA UPD is located in Eugene Short Hall.
  4. Receive your application number from UAA SOE Student Services. Do not submit your fingerprints and payment without your assigned application number or the packet will be rejected. Note: this will be emailed to you from Sydney.
  5. Mail your fingerprint packet and $88.25 application fee to the Alaska Department of Health Division of Health Care Services to complete the background check. The address is:
    Alaska Department of Health Division of Health Care Services
    Background Check Program
    4601 Business Park Blvd. Building K
    Anchorage, AK 99503

If paying by credit card, call the AK Department of Health at (907) 334-2400. Note: You will need your application number handy to complete the process.

Contact Sydney Stokes with questions regarding this process: or (907) 786-0371.