State-Approved Program Verification Forms

State-approved program verification form requests are processed by the UAA SOE Dean's Office in cooperation with UAA Records. 

Former Students

Email the form from the state you are requesting certification to The Dean's Office may request additional information prior to verifying program completion. You will recieve a notification when the form is forwarded to the UAA Records Office for final processing. The UAA Records Office will either submit the form on your behalf or email the completed form to you, whichever is specified on the form.

Current Students

  1. If you are currently enrolled in a UAA program that results in a certification or endorsement, apply for graduation from UAA.
  2. Approximately four to six weeks after commencement, the Dean's Office will verify program completion, completing the State-Approved Program Verification Form and submitting this to the UAA Records Office for final processing.
  3. The UAA Records Office will email the completed form to you at your UAA email address. You can then order your official transcripts. Prior to ordering your transcript, you are strongly encouraged to view your unofficial transcript on; uaonline; to verify the endorsement posting has been completed.
  4. Once you complete the DEED certification application, make a copy of the packet for your records and mail the originals to DEED.