Intramural Broomball

Icon of green and gold broomball sticks and ball.

Broomball-specific Rules

  1. Rosters are limited to 15 players with the ratio of 4 men and 2 women.
  2. Six players shall constitute a team. At the onset of play, no team shall have less than 4 players.
  3. Mercy rule: Any game will end when a team is up 10 goals. The game may also be stopped if in the opinion of the officials, a team is trying to prolong a contest and undermine the 10 goal rule by failing to make a genuine effort to score another goal.
  4. A game shall consist of two 20 minute running time periods. Three minutes will be allowed between periods of play and the teams shall exchange ends between periods of regulation play. Each team will be allowed one "30 second" timeout period. The clock will be stopped for injuries.
  5. Overtime will consist of three minutes of additional play. During the first 3 minute overtime the game is played with 5 players and no goalie. If at the end of the first 3 minutes a winner has not been determined, the five shot rule (shootout) will apply. The five players on the ice will have one shot at the opposing goalie to score a goal. The team with the most goals at the end of the shootout session will be declared the winner
  6. A woman scoring a goal awards the team 2 goals, a man scoring awards  1 point.
  7. Protective equipment must be worn at all times. Helmet with full protective face mask, knee pads, sneakers or specialized broomball shoes and elbow pads must be worn. (No spikes or cleats allowed.) Play shall occur according to the regulations of play for the U.S. Broomball Association, as amended for intramural play.
  8. Any player who uses profanity or assaults a referee or any other player, will be immediately ejected from the game and from further intramural play.

Goalie's Duties

  1. May only handle the ball within the crease.
  2. Entitled to use of the crease without interference.
  3. May not hold the ball longer than 3 seconds.
  4. The inbound throw must be to the side or behind the net. No forward motion allowed.
  5. The goalie may never cross red center line!

Game Conduct

  1. Kicking the ball: legal, but the ball must remain below the lowest part of the plexiglass. A kicked ball may not score.
  2. Face-off: restarts play after a violation, a scored goal, or ball goes out of bounds.
  3. Handling the ball: ball may be knocked to the ice with hands. A shot may similarly be blocked using hands. Any attempt to pass the ball with the hands or to clear the ball will be blown dead. A face-off will be used to restart play.


Players violating the following must spend two minutes in the box:

  1. High sticking
  2. Checking high kick (ball goes higher than the lowest part of the plexiglass)
  3. Throwing a stick
  4. Interference
  5. Cross-checking
  6. Tripping
  7. Holding


  1. Fighting, intentional injury or roughing.
  2. If a player is ejected from a game, they are subject to a disciplinary action from the IM Director before they can participate in any intramural activity.

The UAA IM Broomball League also abides by all general Rules for Intramural and Club Sports.