Intramural Hockey

Icon of green and gold hockey sticks and puck.

Hockey-specific Rules

  1. Rosters are limited to 12 players.
  2. 6 players shall constitute a team (5 players plus a Goal Keeper). At the onset of play no team shall have fewer than 4 players including a Goal Keeper.
  3. Mercy Rule: Any game will end when a team is up 10 goals. The game may also be stopped if in the opinion of the officials, a team is trying to prolong a contest and undermine the 10 goal rule by failing to make a genuine effort to score another goal.
  4. A game shall consist of 3 fifteen minute periods. Three minutes will be allowed between periods of play and teams shall exchange ends between periods of regulation play. Each team will be allowed one "30 second" timeout per period. The clock will stop for injuries.
  5. Play shall occur according to A.H.A. regulations as amended for intramural play.
  6. Special rules for intramural hockey: (2 minute penalty)
    1. No body checking/cross checking
    2. No slap shots beginning from above the waist
    3. No lifting the puck to gain control
    4. No high sticking
    5. No frighting intentional injury or roughing
  7. Required mandatory equipment:
    1. helmet with full face mask
    2. knee and shin pads
    3. elbow pads
    4. hockey gloves
    5. hockey skates
    6. hockey or sweat pants, neck protection, cup, etc.
  8. Any player who assaults a referee or any other player will be immediately ejected from the game and from further intramural play.

The UAA IM Broomball League also abides by all general Rules for Intramural and Club Sports.