Facility Rental

The Seawolf Sports Complex (SSC) is available to the public for rent as time and schedule allow.

Since the SSC is intended primarily as an educational facility and as home for the UAA Hockey team, these programs take priority over other requests. Student recreation, intramurals and club sports round out the internal uses of the center.

As facilities are available, the Anchorage community is encouraged to use the building on a rental basis as a venue for their various athletic activities. All use of the SSC at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) is by rental reservation with a signed contract only.

UAA Internal Use

This group includes UAA departments. Facility use must be directly related to the mission or academic offering of the University. The appropriate dean or director must approve all charges. The amount due will be paid directly by the contracting UAA department. 

Public Use

All rentals not conducted or sponsored by UAA will be considered a "Public Use Rental". Rentals may include pool parties, skating parties, athletic team practices and athletic events.

Rental Rates

Facility UAA Internal Use Public Use
Swimming Pool $80/hour $135/hour
Ice Rink $70/hour

Monday–Thursday: $285/hour

Friday–Sunday: $300/hour

Gym $40/hour $85/hour

Other Fees

All additional cost to the Seawolf Sports Complex associated with any rental will be passed on to the renter. This includes required set-up or janitorial, security, supervisor or maintenance needs.

Events requiring bleachers, gated entry, floor coverings, tables or chairs will also be assessed additional charges. Rentals outside normal operating hours of the complex will be charged for all overtime labor.

Additional Item Additional Charge
Bleachers add $40/hour
Gated Entry add $20/day
Floor Cover add $50/day
Additional Labor Type Additional Labor Charge
Supervisor add $30/hour
Lifeguard (additional charge per 25+ people) add $12/hour
Custodial (minimum 3-hour charge) add $36/hour

Find Out More & Reserve

For more information, facility availability or to reserve the facilities contact:

  • Julie Weber, Director of Recreation, Intramurals and Seawolf Sports Complex
  • (907) 786-6009
  • jaweber3@alaska.edu

or contact the Issue Cage: (907) 786-1231