2009 Full Lives Conference - Celebrating Direct Support Professionals for Promoting Full Lives

April 23-24, 2009 - Sheraton Anchorage Hotel

Keynote Presenters

Judge Stephanie RhoadesJudge Stephanie Rhoades is a judge for the Anchorage District Court in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1998, Judge Rhoades established one of the first mental health courts in Anchorage, Alaska (the Coordinated Resources Project.) This problem-solving court identifies and diverts criminally involved individuals with mental and co-occurring substance use disorders from the criminal justice system into the behavioral health system. The court is featured in Emerging Judicial Strategies for the Mentally Ill in the Criminal Caseload: Mental Health Courts in Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, San Bernardino, and Anchorage by John S. Goldkamp and Cheryl Irons-Guynn, BUREAU JUST. ASSISTANCE (Feb. 2001). Judge Rhoades, by appointment of the Chief Justice of the Alaska Supreme Court, previously served on the state-wide Alaska Criminal Justice Assessment Commission (chairing the Decriminalization of the Mentally Ill Subcommittee) and she currently serves on the Alaska Supreme Court's standing Advisory Committee on Therapeutic Courts. Before taking the bench, Judge Rhoades was an assistant district attorney, an associate attorney in private practice, and a law clerk. She received her B.A. in Legal Services from the University of Massachusetts, College of Public and Community Service, and her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law. In 2000, Judge Rhoades received the Woman of Distinction Award from Soroptomist International of Cook Inlet and the Award of Recognition from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Anchorage Chapter. In 2004, Judge Rhoades won an award from the Foundation for the Improvement of Justice in Atlanta for her work with mental health courts. Judge Rhoades is a member of the Alaska and Massachusetts bar associations. She is an alumnus of The National Judicial College and joined the faculty there in 2003, teaching on Co-occurring Mental and Substance User Disorders and Managing Cases Involving Persons with Mental Disorders. She is a trainer for the Anchorage Police Department's Crisis Intervention Team (Memphis model police diversion project) and a consultant to other jail diversion and mental health court projects locally and nationally.

Nathan OryNathan Ory is a registered psychologist in British Columbia who recently left an interdisciplinary Developmental Disability Mental Health team to pursue a full time private consultation and training practice. He has worked in Victoria, BC since 1978 with children and adults with mentally handicapping conditions. He specializes in clients with autistic features, extremely challenging behavior, and diagnosis with a concurrent mental illness.
Since 1990, Nathan has been a member of a multi-disciplinary support team on Vancouver Island which assists persons to remain in their community settings.
His roles include direct counselling, functional behavior analysis, prescriptive behavioral strategies, emotional management strategies, and caregiver training about the effect of an individual's cognitive limitations on a person's coping ability.
(Website Reference: http://www.autismtoday.com/bio_ory.htm)
Nathan Ory will presented on topics focused around disruptive behavior, behavior management, and case studies in FASD, Autism, and cognitive disabilities.

Presenter Materials*

Lynne Ammu
Get a HANDLE® on Autism (PDF 150KB)
The HANDLE perspective (PDF 562KB)

David Barton
About Hidden Disabilities: The Legal, Practical and Human Side of Non-Obvious Disabilities (PDF 1.03MB)

George Charles & Jim LaBelle
Promoting Alaska Native Health (PDF 953KB)

Ken Hamrick & Shannon Cross
Welcome To Holland (PDF 42KB)
Helpful Teaching Techniques for use Students with FASD (PDF 118KB)
Strategies Parents Find Helpful In Raising Their Children Living With FASD© (PDF 1010KB)
State of Alaska FAS Diagnostic Teams (PDF 101KB)
Alaska Treatment Centers (PDF 365KB)
Fetal Development Table (PDF 2.69MB)
Color Word Slides (PDF 57KB)
Thinking About the Brain (PDF 18KB)
Common Misinterpretations of Normal Responses in Students with FAS/E (PDF 634KB)
FASD Tips for Parents and Caregivers (PDF 1.46MB)
FASD 101 Insights into Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (PDF 1.15MB)
FASD 101 Pre-Test (PDF 261KB)
FASD 101 Post-Test (PDF 262KB)

Health & Safety Track with Christine King & Patti Bland
Checklist for Domestic Violence Screening For Disability Service Providers (PDF 178KB)
Domestic Violence and Women with Disabilities: Use of Power and Control (PDF 704KB)

Jill Hodges & Jennifer Charvet
Alaska Brain Injury Network Fact Sheet (PDF 1.32MB)
Traumatic Brain Injury Alaskan Resources (PDF 190KB)
Domestic Violence & Traumatic Brain Injury Tips (PDF 676KB)
Shaken Baby Syndrome Fact Sheet (PDF 331KB)
TBI Presentation (PDF 1.23MB)
When Your Head Has Been Hurt (PDF 910KB)

Diane Johnson
Recommendations for taking a spiritual history (PDF 170KB)

Joe Marrone
If Everyone's Already Doing it, How Come it Never Gets Done? - Pt 1 (PDF 946KB)
If Everyone's Already Doing it, How Come it Still Never Gets Done? - Pt 2 (PDF 978KB)

Lynda Meyer & Amanda Lofgren
Aging and Disability Resource Centers—Connecting People with Resources (PDF 431KB)

Susan Modlin
Transition to Adulthood: Do Service Dogs make a difference? (PDF 9.02MB)
Transition to Adulthood: Do Service Dogs make a difference? References (PDF 214KB)

David Morgan
The Green House Project Guidebook for Transforming Long-Term Care (PDF 1.48MB)
Green House Project: Transforming Long-Term Care Presentation (PDF 262KB)

Nathan Ory
Why people with Cognitive Disabilities have Disruptive Behavior (PDF 430KB)
Specific strategies when behavior management doesn’t work (PDF 280KB)
How to support people with repetitive and “stuck” behavior (PDF 1.11MB)
Case studies in Autism, FASD and cognitive disability (PDF 690KB)

Judge Rhoades
Alaska Therapeutic Courts Anchorage Coordinated Resources Project (PDF 206KB)

Danielle Rohr & Donna Bell
Explanation of FASD (PDF 107KB)
Interesting Facts about: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (PDF 98KB)
The Danger of Alcohol Use in Pregnancy (PDF 119KB)

Gigi Sestak & Beth Burris

Margie Thomson & Josetta Cranston
Self Sufficiency through Employment (PDF 2.19MB)

Julia Thorsness & Maria Wallington
Alaska MOST Form FAQs (PDF 147KB)
Alaska MOST form Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (PDF 617KB)

*Note: Not all materials from this conference are present. Submission of materials to be posted on this website was strictly voluntary.

Event Data

  • 400 people registered for this event
  • 17% were returning attendees from the previous year
  • 35% of those registered were DSP's
  • 15% of those registered were administrators or supervisors
  • 9% of those registered worked in employment services

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