Diversity Action Council

Mission of Diversity Action Council

The UAA Diversity Action Council (DAC) resolves to nurture an environment where the diverse cultures and beliefs of all people are acknowledged, diversity is respected, and all people are valued.

As a resource committee to the Chancellor, the Diversity Action Council is charged with developing a diversity action plan that includes specific action steps to support UAA goals, and to advise and recommend to the Chancellor courses of action that addresses campus-wide diversity issues and that create an inclusive and respectful campus environment.  The DAC is also active in promoting activities and programs throughout the campus that effectively addresses issues related to diversity, and recognizing and honoring exemplary actions that contribute to a supportive campus climate.  The UAA Diversity Action Council provides funding for the annual 
Student Diversity Awards, designed to recognize student contributions that have significantly enhanced diversity by:

  • increasing visibility of diverse people, cultures and/or perspectives;
  • creating a welcoming environment; and/or
  • representing diverse student voices through advocacy and participation in UAA student organizations.