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To be a part of Seawolf Debate is to be part of an Alaskan legacy.

We believe that the work of Seawolf Debate is an incredible asset to our community. We thrive on the support of our community, and build every year upon our involvement in giving back to the community, from promoting debate in our schools to hosting public debate about issues Alaskans care about.

It is in that spirit that we graciously ask you to consider a donation to the UAA Seawolf Debate Program.

An investment in Seawolf Debate is an investment in preserving the things we hold most dear to education- the development of informed, engaged critical thinkers and well-rounded citizens. When our students leave these campus halls they may not remember the exact empiric formula for a given molecule, or the author of the 17th century literary classic from their freshmen year, but they will never forget the room debate creates for someone else to be right or the confidence they have to stand with prese4nce before a room empowered by facts and logic.

By making a gift to Seawolf Debate, you are making a decision to invest in Alaska's future.

Your gift makes it possible for us to support the best and brightest Alaska has to offer through scholarships, competitive opportunities, and the human capital necessary to develop great debaters that prove themselves year after year on the international stage and make UAA proud.

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