Forms used by the Office of Institutional Research and Compliance are provided on this page for easy access.  Many forms are available as PDF-fillable documents. 

  • Biosafety
    CITI Program
    Training for Biosafety is provided through the CITI Program. CITI Program's BSS course content covers principles of biosafety and biosecurity, including safe use and containment of biohazardous agents. 
  • Chemical Safety
    Environmental Health and Safety provide a matrix of forms for laboratory access, laboratory training depending on your function, hazardous waste disposal, chemical transfer, reporting of injury, etc. Please review the available forms at Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management.
  • Export Control/ ITAR

    Export License Exemption Certification: for information on completing the form, please review Frequently Asked Questions

    Certification Regarding the Release of Controlled Technology or Technical Data to Foreign Persons  in the United States
    Must be completed and signed by lead investigator/supervisor and department administrator. 

    Export Control for Foreign Vendors
    Must be completed and submitted prior to purchasing products or services from a foreign company. 
    If you are not sure what is covered, Statewide General Counsel is a wonderful resource. You can also call them at (907) 450-8080.

    ALL forms must be completed, signed and submitted to the Office of Research for review by the Executive Director, Compliance.

  • Financial Conflicts of Interest

    Please see the FCOI-PHS policy page and use the Significant Financial Disclosure Form.

  • IACUC (Animal Subjects)

    IACUC Submissions including revisions and renewals are completed via IRBNet.

    Vivarium Housing Request

    To request use of the Vivarium to house animal research, you must complete the above form. The completed proposal form must be submitted to the Executive Director, Compliance and the Chair of the Vivarium Users and Managers Committee (VUMC). 

    Non-compliance Investigation Procedures

    To report a complaint, please read the UAA IACUC's policy on Reporting allegations of noncompliance. 

  • IRB (Human Subjects)

    The currently approved IRB application forms are located on IRBNet. Please go to the UAA Institutional Review Board's IRBNet Resources page for instructions.

    To find current application forms, templates, further submission instructions, and the latest SOPs, you can log in to IRBNet and from the Designer page:

    • Select a document from the drop-down list of Forms and Templates.
        • Select the form that you need and save it to your computer to complete. Your work will not be saved and uploaded properly if you fail to save a copy to your computer.
    • Click the Add New Document button to:
        • Upload a document from your computer, which may include your IRB training certificate or letters of support.
        • Any uploaded  documents, including the IRB proposal form, consent forms, advertisements, and survey instruments MUST be uploaded as Word documents. Uploading documents in PDF format will delay the review process. The only exceptions for PDF documents are signed letters of support or confidentiality agreements. 
  • NAGPRA (Native American Grave & Repatriation Act)

    Native American Grave and Repatriation Act

    All relevant information and forms are found on the NAGPRA website. See also UAA's NAGPRA website.

  •  Radiation Safety

    Radiation Use Request

    This UAA form must be completed and approved by John Moore, Radiation Safety Office (907) 786-1268,  prior to submission of your request form to the radiation safety committee. You will receive a facility inspection by the Radiation Safety Officer prior to conducting any research with radioactive materials.