Care Team

What does the UAA Care Team do?

The UAA Care Team's purpose is to promote safety and student support through the use of a multidisciplinary group that serves as a centralized coordination system to educate the campus community on identification and referral of student behavior that is distressful, disruptive, or concerning. In addition, we coordinate the application of assessment and intervention services for students referred to us.

Care Team Mission

The mission of the UAA Care Team is to promote a safe, caring and productive learning, living, and working environment for students at UAA. This is accomplished by addressing the needs of students through service coordination, assessment, and the implementation of individualized support plans.

Brief History and Rationale for Care Team Formation

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) takes seriously its responsibility to develop, monitor and maintain a campus environment that is safe and supportive for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  To this end, UAA formed a Behavioral Intervention Team in 2009, now referred to as the Care Team. The Care Team focuses on evaluating and responding to concerning student behavior. Our focus is on prevention and intervention to offer students, staff, and faculty support.

University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) understands the climate that exists on college campuses post Virginia Tech. The Care Team was designed to serve as an additional measure in UAA's approach to campus safety and violence prevention. It must be understood, however, that unforeseen situations may complicate the best system of campus safety. The Care Team has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to a great many situations that may occur at UAA.  In all situations, the Care Team strives to balance the need for direct action with the application of due diligence.  Our effort is to create a culture of accountability and care in order to support proactive responses within the University community and for the individual student.

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