About the Care Team

What the Care Team Does

The UAA Care Team works with students whose behavior has raised concerns about their or others’ well-being. The Care Team develops collaborative and holistic plans to assist students, coordinating services and resources so that students are successful in navigating college life.

In its work supporting students, the Care Team strives to foster a culture of care where everyone at UAA is concerned for others, recognizing that we are here to support one another. In doing so, the members of the Care Team are committed to the University’s Diversity Statement and affirm their dedication to diversity, inclusivity, equity and appreciation for all students in the campus community. This culture of respect is incorporated into all actions and areas of the Care Team.

The Care Team focuses on:

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  • Balance individual safety with community safety by focusing on student success, progress and well-being (intellectual, emotional and physical). 
  • Provide a campus-wide approach to address concerning student behaviors.

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  • Create a campus culture of reporting, which includes the promotion of mutual care, concern and safety. 
  • Present informational sessions and training on how to address and report concerning student behaviors.

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  • Proactively link students to UAA and community resources in order to address student issues before they grow into individual or campus emergencies. 
  • Empower the campus community to intervene in the moment to prevent potentially harmful situations from escalating.

Who the Care Team Is

Many staff members make up the Care Team to serve students throughout UAA campuses:

Anchorage Campus

The UAA Care Team within the Dean of Students Office oversees all interventions, cases and trainings for Care Team members on the Anchorage campus.

The Residential Care Team is a subset group that focuses on students who reside in UAA’s residential community on the Anchorage campus.

Community Campuses

Kenai Peninsula College, Mat-Su College and Prince William Sound College each have a Care Team for their respective campuses.