Faculty Information

When students encounter barriers and are eligible for adjustments, faculty receive notification through the Disability Support Services (DSS) Online Accommodation Management system. The system will send the following information:

Faculty are responsible for accessible course content and should use Universal Design formatting principles at the design stage; the Academic Innovations and eLearning as well as DSS can assist.

DSS has a page related to captioning you can acess here. And an external website on why caption is important is Captioning Matters.

Formatting course content for accessibility is best served by the Universal Design of electronic documents and course content; Universal Design makes your course information more mobile so it's compatible across all types of devices - computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets - and across all varieties of end-user settings on their devices.  To view quick step-by-step screen shots of how to properly format your course materials, please go to http://www.ncdae.org/resources/cheatsheets/

Videos of student and faculty experiences

From the National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE), this video highlights the experiences of students and faculty with disabilities:   "A Personal Look at Accessibility in Higher Education".

From California State University's Accessible Technology Initiative:  "From Where I Sit" video series. This is a powerful video series featuring eight CSU students with disabilities who share their experiences in the college classroom. 

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