Bystander Intervention

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Bringing in the Bystander

Bringing in the Bystander is a 75 - 90 minute presentation taught my student Peer Health Educators on how bystander intervention can help prevent sexual assault and domestic violence in our community. This presentation is very interactive with skill building activities and scenarios for everyone to participate in. It is a great way to teach our community how anyone can make a difference by stepping in and speaking up in a safe way against violence. Learning available resources, working through scenarios, understanding when to step in, and discussing the ins and outs of consent are just a few topics covered. 

Learn the 3Ds of Bystander Intervention

Direct Action: Check in directly. “Are you ok?” “I am heading home, do you want to leave?”

Delegation: Ask someone to help step in. It can be a friend, police officer, or even friends of the person in need of help.

Distraction: Get creative! Find a way to use a distraction to diffuse the situation. Pretend you know someone or start a dance party.

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Please contact Summer Sweet at or 907-786-4046 to set up a training.