DegreeWorks Help

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My class is applied to the wrong spot.

    To graduate from UAA, students must fulfill the requirements of their major program as stated in their catalog. If an advisor or instructor tells a student that a particular course would work instead of what is written in the catalog, the student needs to work with their department to make sure any necessary petitions have been submitted and approved. Students should utilize their DegreeWorks audit to verify that all of their requirements are complete and to track petitions. If a petition is not noted in DegreeWorks, it cannot be considered when Degree Services completes the final audit.

  • My transfer classes aren't showing.
    • UAA must have an official transcript on file showing successful completion of any transfer work and have evaluated the transfer courses before they will appear in DegreeWorks. Only courses completed with a grade of C or higher are eligible for transfer (includes P (passing) grades). Courses completed with a grade of D- or higher within the UA system are eligible for transfer. 
    • UA system coursework (from UAF, UAS, etc.) will automatically be transferred into UAA by a Transfer Credit Specialist within one month of the conclusion of the semester. If you do not see your UA transfer work in DegreeWorks within one month, contact with your full name, student ID number, and the courses you need transferred. 
    • Graduate level courses will not be transferred unless the courses are approved through a graduate academic petition or are listed on the Graduate Studies Plan (GSP) in DegreeWorks. GSPs and graduate academic petitions must be approved by the Graduate School.
  • I'm in two degrees but only one is showing.

    If you are admitted into multiple degree programs (i.e. a BA and AA), you will need to select each degree individually using the Degree dropdown menu at the top of the audit.

  • My class is in the Not Counted section.
    • Zero-level courses, such as MATH A055 or CHEM A055, cannot be applied to any degree per UAA policy, even by petition. Since these courses cannot fulfill a degree requirement or count toward the total number of credits you need to graduate, they always fall into the Not Counted section. 
    • All 600-level courses will fall into Not Counted in undergraduate student audits, and all courses below the 400-level will fall into Not Counted in graduate student audits. If you have a graduate course (600-level) that is approved for your baccalaureate degree, please contact to have your course applied. 
    • If you have many PER courses and are in a College of Arts and Sciences BA or BS program, only 6 credits of PE/PER courses may apply. The rest will fall into the Not Counted section.
  • My class is in the Courses Below Minimum Requirements section.
    • If you take a four credit science course with a lab, you earn a single grade for both the lecture and the lab. The grade is attached to the lecture course. The zero-credit lab will appear in the Courses Below Minimum Requirements section with a grade of NG (no grade) to serve as a record that the class was completed. The NG will not affect your GPA or interfere with any of your degree requirements. 
    • If you retake a class that is non-repeatable, only the newest class can count toward your degree.
  • I still think my audit is incorrect.

    First, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss your concerns. If both you and your advisor believe your audit is incorrect or if the audit is missing an approved petition, please contact us at Remember that your DegreeWorks audit helps you track your progress toward graduation; it is not an official graduation degree audit.

Catalog Year, Petitions, and What If Audits

  • How do I change my catalog year in DegreeWorks?

    Send an email to from your preferred email address as specified in UAOnline with your full name, student ID number, degree, and the catalog you wish to graduate under. Before requesting to change, be sure to use the What If feature to determine which catalog year requirements are most beneficial. Please note that you can only change to a catalog year within five years after acceptance into an associate or certificate program and within seven years after acceptance into a baccalaureate program.

  • How long will it take for petitions, change of majors, grade changes, or added/dropped classes to show up in DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is refreshed on a nightly basis, so any changes to your student account should appear in DegreeWorks the day after they are processed. Please note that it may take days or weeks before we receive a document from a college or another department. Only documents that we have received and processed will produce an overnight update of your audit.

  • My approved petition is not applied?
    • The petition was approved for a different degree. A petition approved for a BS in Anthropology, for example, cannot be applied to BA in Anthropology or a BS in Biological Sciences. Petitions are approved for one degree and major only. 
    • You were admitted as a pre-major when the petition was processed. Petitions are not applied to an audit if the student is still in pre-major status. Once you are changed to full major status through an approved change of major form you will see it reflected in DegreeWorks the next day. At that time, email from your preferred email address as specified in UAOnline and request that your petition(s) be applied. Be sure to provide your full name and student ID number in your email. 
    • A DegreeWorks error has removed the petition from your audit. If this appears to be the case, email from your preferred email address as specified in UAOnline with your full name and student ID number.
    • Using the What If audit? Although approved petitions may not show up in a What If audit, they still count towards the degree and major they were approved for. Petitions will be applied to your new catalog year once you have officially requested to change it.
  • Will my petitions still apply after I change my major?

    Petitions apply only to the degree and major for which they were approved. If you change your major or degree, a new petition will need to be submitted and approved.

General Questions

  • How do I get a minor/concentration to show up in DegreeWorks?
    • To declare or drop a minor, complete the declaration of minor form. Once you have declared a minor, you will be expected to fulfill all minor requirements before graduating unless you officially drop the minor. 
    • To add or drop a concentration, email from your preferred email address as specified in UAOnline. Include your full name, student ID number and your request to add/drop. Only valid concentrations can be added.
  • What if my program requires advisor approved electives?

    While you may see courses filling into advisor approved elective slots within your audit, Degree Services must receive written approval from your advisor to complete this requirement. Contact your advisor to have them add a note in DegreeWorks. Once the note has been added by the appropriate advisor (the advisor listed at the top of your audit) and Degree Services has been notified, we can apply the approved course(s) and manually complete the requirement.

  • Do I automatically graduate if everything is checked off?

    No. You must submit an application for graduation before you will be considered for graduation, even if your audit shows that you are complete. Login to UAOnline to apply to graduate.

  • Why can't I access DegreeWorks?

    DegreeWorks is available to UAA students with:

    1. Active UAOnline login credentials - If you are no longer able to login to UAOnline, you may reset your login information using the ELMO website. If you have trouble resetting your login through ELMO, contact IT Services at 907-450-8300 or 1-800-478-8226.
    2. UAA registration activity in the last two years.

    If you can login to UAOnline but not DegreeWorks, contact from your preferred email account specified in UAOnline with your full name and UA student ID. Contact the academic advisor of your new program to discuss your catalog year requirements.

  • Why can't I see my audit after I graduated?

    Students are removed from their degree programs after graduation so audits are no longer available to view. Sorry, we understand that you loved seeing 100% complete!