Academic Petitions and Degree Progress

Catalog policy dictates how courses apply to degree programs. Any deviation from degree requirements must be approved through the Academic Petition process. Transferred credit may also be petitioned.

In order for students to graduate from UAA, they must complete all university, general education and major requirements as published in the university catalog. If an advisor or instructor tells a student that a particular course can satisfy a major requirement or that a major requirement can be waived, the student needs to work with their advisor to ensure academic petitions are submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Students should access their DegreeWorks audit to verify that all of their requirements are complete and to track academic petitions. If a petition is not documented in DegreeWorks, it is possible the petition was never received and will therefore not be considered when Degree Services completes the final audit.

  • Each academic petition must be signed by the department chair of the student's major and the dean of the school/college (two different signatures minimally).
  • The academic advisor provides a recommendation: their signature does not count as one of the two required signatures.


Use this form to petition specific program requirements for undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate Petition


Use this form to petition specific program requirements for graduate programs.

Graduate School Forms

Academic Policy

Use this form to request an exception to an academic policy found in the university catalog.

Academic Policy Petition