Changing Registration

After finalizing registration, changes may be made during certain periods. Consult Registration Dates and Deadlines for specific periods.

Officially drop or withdraw by the published deadlines if unable to complete a course. Failure to do so may result in a grade of F or NB for nonattendance and may affect financial aid and grade point average (GPA). Classes must be dropped within the 100 percent refund period to avoid tuition assessment. Students may withdraw from classes after the 100 percent refund period. Students cannot withdraw from a class that has been graded.

Audit-to-Credit or Credit-to-Audit

Students who audit courses are required to meet the course prerequisites/restrictions, register by the deadlines, and pay the same tuition as those who take the course for credit. No credit is received for audited courses. Audit registrations are on a space-available basis. Auditors may be dropped from a class to make room for credit-seeking students. Requirements for auditing the course are determined by faculty. Faculty may withdraw auditors if they fail to comply with the agreed-upon terms.

Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time or part-time status. In addition, students may not request local credit-by-examination for an audited course until the following academic year.

Students who want to audit a course can choose that grade mode option in the UAOnline Register/Add/Drop page when registering for a course or they may fill out the bottom section on the Add/Drop Form before the credit-to-audit deadline. Check Registration Dates and Deadlines for more information.


Before the semester add/drop deadline, students can drop classes

Full-Semester Classes

A 100% refund of tuition and fees is automatically processed when official drop activity is completed before the add/drop deadline. No refund is issued after the deadline.

Classes with Irregular Dates

Students may drop classes with irregular dates during the 100% refund period, which ends at 5pm five business days after the published class start day. No refund is issued after this period.

Variable Credit Classes

Variable credit courses may be taken for a variable number of credits with prior approval from the faculty member. Common examples include thesis, practicum, project, and research courses. Workload and tuition depend on the number of credits selected.

Students can adjust the number of credits selected for a registered course in UAOnline up until the add/drop deadline by selecting Change Class Options and entering the desired number of credits in the credit hours field. After that deadline, students must submit a paper add/drop form signed by the instructor to the Office of the Registrar and should do so before the end of the semester.


After the add/drop deadline, students may withdraw from classes up until the semester withdrawal deadline as long as no grade has been assigned for the class.

Students may withdraw from full-semester classes using the drop procedures listed above. After the semester add/drop deadline, dropping or withdrawing from classes with irregular dates is not allowed via UAOnline. Students may submit an Add/Drop Form or use the online Student-Initiated Drop Form. Courses that have been graded are not eligible for withdrawal.

Withdrawing from any class will produce a designation of W for that class on the student's transcript. This designation does not carry grade points and is not used in calculation of GPAs. Students are responsible for all fees and tuition if they choose to withdraw from any course, and financial aid could be affected.