Before Registration

Check Registration Eligibility

To be eligible to register a student must:

Seek Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising is to assist students in developing educational plans consistent with career and life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals. For a list of advising contacts and for more information, visit the Advising page. Advisors may also be indicated in DegreeWorks which is available through UAOnline or in Navigate360, a mobile app and advising platform.

Plan Your Perfect Class Schedule

Current class schedules are available online and provide the most up to date and complete class information available. Current students will likely find the UAOnline class schedule to be the most useful. Prospective students and community members may prefer our public search option.

Planning a Schedule

Schedule Planner is available in UAOnline. The online tool allows students to easily search for courses and build a schedule. Students may add classes to their cart, block out non-class times, and select available schedules. Schedule Planner is available the day the semester schedule goes live.

How to Use Schedule Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I found my perfect schedule and saved it to cart. Am I done?
    • Not quite. Complete registration changes in UAOnline.
  • What if I didn’t get any schedule options?
    • Try changing some of the filters, such as Course Status or Delivery Methods, or adjusting the times of breaks.
    • If there are no options for a particular class, look under the Disabled Options tab; it is possible that the only classes with open seats are those that you have filtered out.
    • Choose different Delivery Methods.
  • I tried to register. Why can't I complete registration?
    • Check your Priority Registration date.
    • Check for registration holds on your account.
    • Check prerequisites for the classes.
    • Check registration errors (you may need a faculty override or approval if you are not meeting certain class requirements).
  • Are changes to my schedule still possible while my perfect schedule is waiting for my priority registration date?
    • Yes. Classes can fill or be cancelled. Instructor changes can occur. Check CRNs of your preferred classes periodically in UAOnline prior to your registration date and make sure to adjust your schedule if needed.
  • How do I know if I have enough time to get from one class to another?
    • Use the map of UAA Main campus. It's a good idea to walk or drive the campus before classes start.
    • Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson Base are located off campus. Plan at least a 30 minute drive from main campus to either of those locations. Please note that special approval is required to access the military base.
  • There is one class I must have this semester; I can be flexible about the rest of the sections. Any tips?
    • Use the lock symbol on the section you wish to keep. Once the section is "locked," click "Generate Schedules" one more time: Schedule Planner will now build a schedule around this one class.
  • Can I share my potential schedule with my advisor?
    • Yes! You can use the email feature in Schedule Planner to send the desired schedule to yourself or an advisor.

Plan Semester Expenses

See detailed information about tuition and fees for each semester. Apply for Financial Aid.