The Students-First Award

Faculty (including Adjunct Faculty) and staff | Four awards cumulatively, two for faculty and two for staff members. | One faculty and one staff will be awarded for the Anchorage campus. | One faculty and one staff selected from the community campuses.

Demonstrates exceptional commitment to advancing a culture of institutional excellence that inspires and enables student achievement and success in two or more of the following aspects:


  • Instruction and learning experiences.
  • Building and developing curriculum and learning resources.
  • Mentoring students.
  • Advancing student excellence.
  • Advancing teaching excellence.
  • Outstanding contribution to student achievement that improves transition to higher education, performance and grades so that most students persist and complete their educational goals.
  • Demonstrated innovative and creative approaches in advising, programming, partnerships, outreach and support services that identify and remove barriers to success.
  • Level “above & beyond” normal job requirements/functions.


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