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Stop Pay Form

Employee Reimbursement Request Form       

The preferred method of purchasing items on behalf of the university is via Procard or through the Procurement process.  Employee reimbursements should be done infrequently for those few occasions where it is impractical or not possible to make purchases through the usual purchasing processes. 

To request reimbursement, complete all fields of the Employee Reimbursement Request Form, attach the original itemized receipt(s) and, if applicable, a completed and approved Representational Expenditures Form.  Send this form with appropriate approvals to Accounts Payable (routing through Grants & Contracts, if applicable).  Do not enter a requisition into Banner, but please ensure there is enough available budget via FGIBAVL to cover the reimbursement prior to submission.

Direct Pay Form    

The Direct Pay Form is to be used when requesting: Petty cash or change funds, refunds (not for tuition & fees), UA Foundation, Disbursements, student or non-employee reimbursements.  Do not enter a requisition into Banner.  Send this form with appropriate approvals and backup up to Accounts Payable (routing through Grants & Contracts, if applicable) for processing.

Representational Expense Allowance Form      

The Representational Expense Allowance Form is required for all representational expenses, which include discretionary business charges which are generally not allowable under normal procurement procedures, such as entertainment-type expenses (expenses for any activity providing hospitality, recreation, amusement, meals, or other service, benefit, or commodity generally considered entertainment), Christmas cards, office decorations, and coffee, refreshments and foodstuffs provided to employees.  Representational expenses are subject not only to the requirements of Board of Regents policy R05.02.070, but also to considerations of public perception and the appearance of impropriety.  Please refer to R05.02.070 for additional information regarding this requirement.  A completed Representational Expense Allowance form is required with all transactions utilizing the following account codes: 3008, 3018, 3038, 4008, 4018, 4038, and 8115.

Please review the Representational Expense Allowance Guidelines. Board of Regents Policy R05.02.070 provides additional information regarding this policy. 

IRS Form W-9    

The W-9 Form is required when departments would like to set up a contract or purchase order with a vendor. If completed W-9 forms are being submitted electronically, they should be sent via secure means. 

Authorized Signature Card      

The Authorized Signature Card Form designates individuals with direct authority and related responsibility to commit funds of the org and fund number listed on the form.  The department, school/college, center/institute or program entity is responsible for updating the authorized signature card when approval changes occur. Please review the Authorized Signature Card Instructions before submitting.  

Travel Forms   

TEM AT-ER Travel Guidelines

View TEM AT-ER Travel Guidelines- General Funds

View TEM AT-ER Travel Guidelines- Restricted Funds

Individual Travel Card Application and Cardholder Agreement      

Employees authorized to travel for business purposes may obtain an individual travel card to utilize for business travel expenses while in travel status (i.e. lodging, meals, transportation, etc.).  The Individual Travel Card Application and Individual Travel Cardholder Agreement must be completed and submitted to the AP/Travel Office for processing.

Department Travel Cards should be utilized (typically held by department fiscal administrators or travel coordinators) for business airfare.  If personal travel is combined with business travel, any additional costs applicable to the personal portion of travel must not be processed on department travel cards.

Individual Travel Card Application

Individual Travel Cardholder Agreement

Department Travel Card Application and Cardholder Agreement

Employees that may need to arrange business travel for employees may obtain a department travel card to utilize for purchasing business airfare.  The department travel card can only be used for purchasing airline tickets and Alaska State Ferry System tickets.  The department travel card application and department travel cardholder agreement must be completed and submitted to the AP/Travel Office for processing.

Department Travel Card Application

Department Travel Cardholder Agreement   

Mileage Report   

If permitted by your department, a mileage report can be completed for reimbursement of business-related transportation expenses based on the standard mileage rate.  Please include adequate descriptions of both the business purpose(s) and travel location(s), and, if necessary, MapQuest maps as backup documentation.  Mileage between your home and your main or regular place of work are personal commuting expenses and are not reimbursable.  Unless you have a regular place of business, you can only seek reimbursement to a temporary work location outside your metropolitan area.

Employees should include their mileage report as backup for their TEM mileage reimbursement request. 

Mileage Rates:  

Applicable Period Rates (in cents per mile) 
2016 $00.54
2017 $00.535

Travel Authorization Form For Non-Employees

The Travel Authorization Form for Non-Employees is required to be completed for university business travel for non-employees prior to travel commencing and travel expenses being paid.  Independent Contractor travel is best handled as part of their contract as they are traveling for their business.  Employee and UA student travel should be completed through TEM (see the UA Travel Website for additional information).

Travel Expense Report for Non-Employees

A Travel Expense Report is required for all travel conducted under a travel authorization form, including travel for which all expenses are paid directly by the university.  The travel expense report should be completed and submitted to Travel for processing within 15 days of trip completion.  Employee and UA student travel should be completed through TEM (see the UA Travel Website for additional information).

Travel Card Change Form

Travel Card Change Form is necessary if you need to change your individual or department credit card information.

Travel Card Close Form

 Travel Card Close Form is necessary if you would like to close a travel card or change the travel card reconciler.

TEM Security Access Form

TEM Security Access Form is necessary for employees who need to be TEM delegates or TEM approvers.

Please view the Univeristy of Alaska Travel website for additional information.



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