How To Forward Email as Attachment

Article Purpose

Forwarding an original email as an attachment. This allows the header information to be utilized by IT Services to block/allow senders into the UAA mail environment.

Needed Materials

  • ​Microsoft Outlook 2007 (Windows OS Desktops/Laptops)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Windows OS Desktops/Laptops)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011 (Apple Macintosh OS Desktops/Laptops)

Steps to Resolution

​1. Open folder view of mailbox
2. Single click on email desired to be forwarded
3. Locate the "More" button in the ribbon along the top (TIP: located just to the right of the Forward button). Click on the small arrow pointing down next to "More"

  1. When the drop down list appears, select "Forward as Attachment" from the list
  2. Complete the send message as normal

Additional Information

​This feature is used when forwarding inbound SPAM email to for further processing.