How to Set Up Staff and Faculty Exchange Mail for Outlook 2010

Article Purpose


In this article, the reader will learn to setup and configure their employee email using their installed Microsoft Office 2010 client for the Windows operating system. This article applies to all Exchange 2010 enabled users within the UAA Exchange 2010 environment

Users will need to know which Exchange environment their account resides on (Exchange 2010 or 2003) as this document only addresses the Exchange 2010 environment. If you are unaware of which environment your account resides on, please contact the Service Center to verify.

Needed Materials

Windows Operating System

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

UA domain username & password

Steps to Resolution

Creating a profile within Outlook 2010

To setup a new user profile within Outlook 2010, you will first need to access the ‘Mail’ category within the control panel of your computer.

Both Windows XP and Windows 7 have a category view and a “Classic” or “Icon” view. For instructions on how to set your Control Panel to “Classic” or “Icons” view, please see the instructions below

Windows XP: Click ‘Start’, click ‘Control Panel’, on the left hand side of the screen, Control Panel will have 1 of 2 options available, ‘Switch to Classic View’, or ‘Switch to Category View’. Please ensure that the computer states ‘Switch to Category View’ as this means the Control Panel is currently using ‘Classic’ view mode.

Windows 7: Click ‘Start’, click ‘Control Panel’ and check in the top right hand corner of your Control Panel. It will either say ‘Category View’ or ‘Icon View (large or small). Ensure that ‘Icon View’ is selected.

Use the following steps to set up the profile:

Click ‘Mail’

After opening the ‘Mail Setup – Outlook’ screen, click ‘Show Profiles…’

As soon as the next screen has appeared, please click on ‘Add…’ and give the new profile a name. Be sure to enter your name as the name of the profile to ensure no confusion in the future between profiles in the system.

Click ‘OK’.

At the ‘Add New Account’ screen, ensure that ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’ is selected and click ‘Next’.

Select ‘Microsoft Exchange or compatible service’ and click ‘Next’. Enter the following information into the Server Settings screen:


Uncheck ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode”

Username: <enter your UA username>

Once you have entered the above information, click ‘Next’. At this point, Outlook 2010 will perform a check with the Exchange 2010 server to ensure your username matches the username of an account housed within that system.

Once this process completes, which may take a few moments, the setup is complete. Please open Outlook 2010, allow a few moments for Outlook to download and setup your mailbox, and you will now be ready to utilize your UAA Exchange 2010 email with Outlook 2010.

Additional Information

Please note that this How To guide is designed to assist users who are employees of UAA, while working on the UAA network. Other issues may arise throughout this setup if you are at home, or away from the office, with connectivity. A VPN connection to the UAA network will need to be configured for your computer to connect to the UAA Exchange services.

If you require further assistance with your setup, please contact the UAA Service Center at 907-786-4646 option 1.