IT Services provides telephone infrastructure to the Anchorage campus. This page provides information about different phone services.

Employee Office Phones

Employees can have phones at their desks. Phones have an initial purchase price and a monthly charge. The prices change each year to reflect costs.

FY 20 Labor is $83.95 per hour; one hour minimum.

Anchorage/Eagle River Area/Valdez/Kodiak

Cisco 8851

  • Purchase Price - $322.88
  • Annual Line Charge - $387.26

Analog Line

  • Annual Line Charge - $387.26


Cisco 8851

  • Purchase Price - $322.88
  • Annual Line Charge - $846.55

Analog Line

  • Monthly Line Charge - $846.55

Long Distance

Beginning in FY20, domestic long distance is included in the annual line charge per handset. International Long Distance charges will be billed to the department Fund/Org on file that is assigned to the handset used to make the call.

View your bill online (Not Available). Contact the IT Technical Support Center to gain access.

Employee & Department Phone Directory

UAA maintains an online phone directory of employee and department information. Employees can make changes to their department or professional information via the Online Directory Self-Service, or by submitting a  directory update request.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Telephones

  • How do I make a telephone call?

    For Internal calls, dial 8 + the 7-digit extension of the user. You may also simply dial the last 5- digits. Example: 8786XXXX or 6XXXX

    In-State (907 area code) and Extended Campuses

    Dial 8 + the 7-digit telephone number (Example: 8555XXXX)

    Toll Free

    Dial 8 + 1 + the 10-digit toll free number (Example: 91800555XXXX)

    Long-Distance Calls

    Dial 8 + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number (Example: 91208555XXXX)

    International Calls

    Dial 9 + 011 + Country Code & Phone Number (Example: 90114684123400)

    NOTE: Your phone may have toll restrictions that prevents certain types of calls and/or requires the input of an access code. If you need an Access Code please contact the IT Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646.

  • What are the UAA extensions and how to I dial them when using a campus phone?

    The UAA campus prefix is 786. To dial an on-campus phone simply dial the last 5 digits of phone number. (example: 6-0123)

  • How do I transfer a call?

    You can transfer a call to another telephone in UAA's system, as well as off-site such as to a cellular phone.

    Transfer Process:

    1. Press Transfer soft key
    2. Dial number you want to transfer the call to.
    3. Optional: Announce call to receiving party
    4. Press Transfer soft key to complete the transfer
  • How I do I transfer a call directly to a user’s voicemail box?

    UAA does not have this capability at this time.

  • How do I perform a conference call?

    Your telephone can conference several parties together in what is known as an “ad-hoc” conference call.

    To start a conference call:

    1. Call or be called by your first party
    2. Press the More soft key
    3. Press the Confrn soft key
    4. Dial the number you want to conference with. If conferencing an external party, be sure to follow the dialing rules for external numbers.
    5. Press the Confrn soft key to complete the conference.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to add additional parties

    The number of parties that can be conferenced together via the telephone is limited by the model type. If you require higher density conference calls, IT Services recommends that you utilize Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This bridge will permit up to eight conference parties and can be dialed into, similar to external conference services. This service is typically for non-academic purposes.

  • How do I use the corporate directory?

    You can search for an employees telephone numbers by using the corporate directory.

    To access the corporate directory from your phone:

    1. Press the Directories button
    2. Scroll to Corporate Directory (or press 5)
    3. Input a first name or last name via your alphanumeric key pad. When you press a key, the display will show your alphanumeric options. You do not need to complete the entire name, however, the more letters you enter the more accurate your results will be.
    4. Press Search when completed.
    5. Scroll the results and press Dial to complete your phone call.
  • How do I forward my desk phone to a cell phone?

    Press the “Forward All” soft key and enter 8 plus the telephone number (ensure that you follow the dialing rules for external numbers).

    Ensure phone says “Forwarded to 9XXXXXXX” or “91XXXXXXXXXX” (where X=phone number)

  • Can we use our phones Remotely from off campus?

    IT Services currently supports two methods of off campus phone usage with some restrictions. If your department has the need for this ability, please contact the IT Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646 to get more information.

  • Do I need to connect to the VPN Client in order to use my phone off campus?
    UAA's phone system is configured to allow approved devices to connect from off-campus. A VPN connection is not required.
  • Can I use a 3rd party phone?
    IT Services currently only supports Cisco 8851 IP phones. Please contact the IT Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646 with any questions.

Questions about Voice Mail

  • How do I access voicemail?

    To access your voicemail from a campus telephone:

    1. Press the Messages softkey
    2. Enter your mailbox PIN number


    To access your UAA Anchorage campus voicemail from off-campus:

    1. Dial 786-7299
    2. Press *
    3. Enter your 5-digit extension number of your phone.
    4. Enter your PIN


    To access your UAA Community Campus voicemail from off-campus:

    1. Dial the Community Campus dial-in number
      • Homer: 235-1695
      • Kenai: 262-0399
      • Kodiak: 486-1295
      • MatSu: 745-9790
      • Valdez: 834-1695
    2. Press *
    3. Enter your 7-digit extension number of your phone.
    4. Enter your PIN
  • How do I re-record my voicemail greeting?

    To re-record your voicemail greeting:

    1. Login to your voicemail box
    2. Press 4 for Setup Options
    3. Press 1 to change greetings
    4. Follow the prompts to listen to your current greeting and change the greeting as desired.
  • How do I use an alternate greeting?

    An alternate greeting is a great way to notify callers of temporary absences, vacation alerts and temporary closures. It allows you to retain your standard greeting so you do not have to re-record this greeting when returning to normal operations.

    To enable your alternate greeting:

    1. Login to your voicemail box
    2. Press 4 for Setup Options
    3. Press 1 to Change Greetings
    4. Press 2 to enable the alternate greeting
    5. Optionally set an end date for the alternate greeting, otherwise press #
    6. Follow the prompts to record your alternate greeting
    7. Follow the prompts to listen to your current greeting and change the greeting as desired.

    To disable your alternate greeting:

    1. Login to your voicemail box
    2. Press 4 for Setup Options
    3. Press 1 to Change Greetings
    4. Press 2 to disable the alternate greeting
  • How do I change my recorded name?

    To re-record your recorded name:

    1. Login to your voicemail box
    2. Press 4 for Setup Options
    3. Press 3 for Personal Settings
    4. Press 2 to change your recorded name
    5. Follow the prompts to listen to your recorded name and change the recording as desired.
  • How do I change my voicemail box PIN?

    To change your PIN:

    1. Login to your voicemail box
    2. Press 4 for Setup Options
    3. Press 3 to Personal Settings
    4. Press 1 to change your PIN
    5. Follow the prompts to change your PIN.

    NOTE: If you do not currently know your PIN, you will need to call the Technical Support Center at (907) 786-4646. You will be required to reset your PIN as the system will not permit the recovery of an existing PIN. This can be done without impacting existing messages in the mailbox.

  • Can I receive voicemail to email?

    Yes! The system can send your voicemail to your email address. If you are not automatically receiving voicemails in your email, please contact the Technical Support Center at (907) 786-4646 for help.

  • How do I forward a voicemail to another user?

    You can forward a specific voicemail message to another user on the voicemail system.

    1. After listening to a voicemail message, press 5.
    2. Record an introductory message and press # when finished
    3. Press ## to switch between name spelling and number forwarding
    4. Enter the 5-digit extension number of the person you want to forward the message to, followed by #
    5. Confirm that you are forwarding to the correct voicemail box, press #
    6. Optional: Add additional recipients by pressing 91
    7. Confirm the message forward by pressing #

 Other Telecommunications Questions

  • Can we queue calls to our group like the helpdesk?

    Yes. UAA has had an enterprise grade telephone system with many different features and capabilities. There are several options and design considerations involved with this and also a determination of whether these features are right for your department. Please contact the IT Technical Support Center at (907) 786-4646 to setup a consultation with an engineer.

  • Can we record telephone calls?

    No. Call recording is not an available feature to most users on the system. There may be other ways to record telephone calls through 3rd party products, however, the use and operation of these products is not supported by telecommunications.